Malcolm McKENZIE c1825-1882 & Mary McDONALD c1844-1936

Scotland, Condah & Digby, South-West Victoria, Australia

Malcolm McKENZIE b. c1835, Lochalsh, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland son of John McKENZIE and Mary McRAE was married in 1869 in Victoria, Australia to Mary McDONALD, b. c1844, ARL, Scotland, daughter of Donald McDONALD & Janet / Jessie McMASTER.

Malcolm McKENZIE and his sister Elizabeth McKENZIE arrived at Portland from Scotland in 1853 on the "New Zealander".

Elizabeth McKENZIE married the Digby Postmaster and Storekeeper, Matthew TOWNSEND in 1859 at Digby. Elizabeth died in 1865 and was buried in the Digby Cemetery.

Malcolm McKENZIE died in 1882 at Breakaway Creek, Condah and was also buried in the Digby Cemetery.

Malcolm McKENZIE and Mary McDONALD had the following family:

  1. Eliza McKENZIE b. 1870, Heywood, Condah, Vic, d. 1934, Condah, Vic;
  2. Janet / Jessie McKENZIE b. 1872, Condah, Vic, d. 1887, Condah, Vic. Pupil at Digby School in 1883;
  3. Mary McKENZIE b. 1875 Condah, Vic, d. 1905, Condah, Vic. Pupil at Digby School in 1889;
  4. Christina Ann McKENZIE b. 1877, Condah, Vic, m. James Denis DWYER. Chritina was a pupil at Digby School in 1891;
  5. Isabella Margaret McKENZIE b. 1882, Condah, Vic, d. 1922, Condah, Vic;
  6. Richard McKENZIE b. 1883, Condah, Vic, m. Julietta Mary FORAN;

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