Neil Charles McKINNON c1815-1875 & Margaret STUART c.1818-1878

Scotland, Tasmania, Digby & Dartmoor, Victoria; Penola, South Australia

Neil Charles McKINNON b. c. 1815, Isle of Skye, Inverness-shire, Scotland, son of ____ and ____ was married in 1838, Greenock, Scotland to Margaret STUART b. c.1818, Stirlingshire, Scotland, daughter of ____ and ____.

Neil & Margaret McKINNON were in Tasmania in the 1840s where some children were born prior to moving to "Merino Downs" and Hotspur in south-western Victoria where more children were born. Later they appear to have moved to south-east South Australia.

Neil Mckinnon died at Penola, South Australia in 1875 and his wife Margaret alsoe died at Penola in 1878.

A Neil McKINNON aged 50y died at Penola, South Australia in 1875 and his place of residence was listed as Casterton, Victoria. Was this the correct Neil McKINNON? There was also a Margaret McKINNON, widow, died at Penola, aged 63 in 1878. Both were buried in the Penola Cemetery. It is possible this is the correct couple?

Neil McKINNON & Margaret STEWART had the following known children:

  1. Jane Stuart McKINNON b. c.1842, ........?, d. 1920, Mount Gambier, SA, m. Walter TUCKER at Tarpeena, SA in 1866;

  2. Lachlan McKINNON b. 1843, Launceston, Tasmania, ............?;

  3. John Norman McKINNON b. 1845, Launceston, Tasmania, ............?;

  4. George Stuart McKINNON b. 1847, "Merino Downs", Vic, d. 1932, Bendigo, Vic, m. 1874 Mary Ann CORNELL 1849-1931 and had children at Casterton and in the Wimmera.;

  5. Margaret Stuart McKINNON b. 1850, Dartmoor, Vic, d. 1897, Bendigo, Vic, m. 1871, Penola, SA to John NEILSON 1844-1922.

  6. Catherine McKINNON b. c.1852, Hotspur, Victoria, d. 1942, Swan Hill, Vic, m. 1876 James Thomas CORNELL 1851-1906;

  7. John Robert McKINNON b. 1855, Hamilton, Vic, d. 1931, Bendigo, Vic;

  8. Annie Stuart McKINNON b. c.1858, ___, Vic, d. 1915, Warracknabeal, Vic, m. 1882, David SHAW 1852-1930.;

Daryl Povey

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