Archibald McLEAN 1830-1905 & Mary McDONALD 1834-1932

Archibald MCLEAN b. 1830 Morvern, Argyle, Scotland, son of Alexander McLEAN & Ann McEACHERN, married in 1862 at Hamilton, Victoria to Mary McDONALD b. 1834 Portee, Isle of Skye, daughter of John McDONALD & Flora LAMONT and they had the following children:

  1. Mary Ann MCLEAN b. 1863 Hotspur, Vic, m. William Henry KING;
  2. John MCLEAN b. 1867 Branxholme, Vic, m. Ada McCORMICK;
  3. Flora MCLEAN b. 1868 Hotspur, Vic, m. William Alexander McCALLUM;
  4. Alexander MCLEAN b. 1871 Hotspur, Vic, m. Isabella BROWN;
  5. Margaret Ann MCLEAN b. 1871 Hotspur, Vic, m. Peter FRY;
  6. Archibald MCLEAN b. 1872, Vic, m. Bessie Elizabeth PARKER;
  7. Mary Margaret MCLEAN b. 1875 Hotspur, Vic, m. John McDONALD;
  8. Catherine Flora MCLEAN b. 1876 Hotspur, Vic, m. Alfred Raymond MOORE

Daryl Povey

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