Norman McLEOD c.1819-1868
Susan STEWART c.1824-1866

Isle of Skye & Isle of Raasay, Scotland ; Portland, Digby & Condah, S-W Victoria, Australia

Norman McLEOD b. c.1819, Isle of Skye, Inverness-shire, Scotland, son of Roderick McLEOD and Ann McKENZIE was married to Susan STEWART b. c.1824, Isle of Skye, Inverness-shire, Scotland, daughter of Kenneth STEWART and Ann NICHOLSON. The family was employed by Mr RAINY at Balmeanach, Isle of Raasay (near Skye), Inverness-Shire (Inv), Scotland prior to their emigration from Scotland.

Norman McLEOD and family emigrated from Scotland under the Highland and Islander Emigration Scheme (H.I.E.S.) and arrived at Portland Bay, S-W Victoria on the "Edward Johnstone" in 1854.

Norman McLEOD was first employed by T. L. RUTLEDGE at Port Fairy, S-W Vic., and them moved to "Ardgarton" Station near Digby, S-W Vic. as a shepherd.

Norman McLEOD died in 1868 and his wife Susan in 1866 and members of his family settled in the Condah area.

Norman McLEOD and Susan STEWART had the following known family:

  1. Roderick 'Rory' McLEOD b. 1846, Isle of Skye, Scotland, m. Elizabeth 'Bessie' MURCHISON and settled at Condah where they had the following family:
    1. Mary Ann McLEOD b. 1884 d. 1900 Condah, Vic.
    2. Norman McLEOD b. 1886 Condah, Vic, d. 1962, m. Sarah May MALSEED 1888-1957
    3. Susan McLEOD b. 1887 Condah, Vic, d. 1975, m. David Alfred ANNETT 1887-1966
    4. Donald McLEOD b. 1890 Condah, Vic, d. 1956, m. Ruth DOUGHENEY 1901- ?
    5. Marion McLEOD b. 1893 Condah, Vic, d. 1969, m. Cecil Roy PRICE 1895-1972
    6. Malcolm McLEOD b. 1895 Condah, Vic, d. 1973, m. Elizabeth Monica McDOUGALL 1898-1969
    7. Roderick Charles McLEOD b. 1898 Condah, Vic, d. 1967, m. Irene May KELLY 1907-1977
    8. Charles Lesie McLEOD b. 1902 Condah, Vic, d. 1978, m. Margaret Olive Esther WALLACE 1902-1966

  2. Norman McLEOD b. 1848, Isle of Skye, Scotland, d. 1926 Condah, S-W Vic., m. Jane "Jean" McLACHLAN 1855-1932 and settled at Condah where they had the following family:
    1. Norman "Scotty" McLEOD b. 1880 Branxholme, Vic. d. 1918 France [1st AIF, 13th Light Horse and 14th Battalion]
    2. Hugh Duncan McLEOD b. 1881 Branxholme, Vic. d. 1964, m. Mary Elizabeth CAMERON 1886-1967
    3. Annie McLEOD b. 1883 Branxholme, Vic. d. 1957.
    4. Susan Jane McLEOD b. 1885 Branxholme, Vic. d. 1957, m. Howard ROUTLEDGE 1885-1947 [1st AIF, 14th Artillery Brigade, WIA France]
    5. Donald Roderick McLEOD b. 1889 Condah, Vic. d. 1965, m. Louise Caroline MILNE 1889-1976
    6. Laughlan McLEOD b. 1891, d. 1891 Condah, Vic.
    7. Jane "Jean" McLEOD b. 1893 Condah, Vic. d. 1964.
    8. Alexandrina 'Lex' McLEOD b. 1896 Condah, Vic. m. Alexander "Lander" DUSTING
    9. Duncan McLEOD b. 1898 Condah, Vic. d. 1938.
    10. Kenneth McLEOD b. 1900 Condah, Vic. d. 1900 Branxholme, Vic.

  3. Alexandrina 'Lexie' McLEOD b. 1850, Isle of Skye, Sct, d. 1885, Branxholme, S-W Vic., m. Alexander McDONALD, son of Capt. John McDONALD & Mary CAMPBELL and they had a number of children at Branxholme before Lexie died in 1885 and Alexander..... Children were...;
    1. Flora Catherine McDONALD b. 1879 Branxholme, Vic, d. 1975, m. Louis Burns McKELLAR 1878-1938
    2. John Norman McDONALD b. 1881 Branxholme, Vic......?
    3. Donald McKenzie McDONALD b. 1882 Branxholme, Vic, d. 1955, m. Mary Frances McENTEE 1876-1966
    4. William Alexander McDONALD b. 1884, d. 1884, Branxholme, S-W Vic.
    5. Alexandrina May McDONALD b. 1885 Branxholme, Vic, d. 1968, m. Archibald Charles McINTOSH 1883-1945

  4. Mary Ann McLEOD b. 1854, Isle of Skye, Sct, d. 1864, Victoria;

  5. Annie McLEOD b. 1855, Victoria, m. Dugald McCALLUM and lived in the Condah area;

  6. Catherine McLEOD b. 1857, d. 1864, Victoria;

  7. Donald McLEOD b. 1860, d. 1864, Victoria;

  8. Christina Mary McLEOD b. 1862, Branxholme, Victoria, m. James FAHEY and they had children at Heywood and Merino, S-W Victoria;

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