Donald McPHERSON 1826-1886
Mary McDONALD 1835-1886

Argyllshire & Kilmonivaig, Inverness, Scotland ; Caramut, Hotspur, Digby & Dartmoor, Victoria, Australia

Donald MCPHERSON 1826-1886, b. Aharacle, Argyllshire, Scotland, son of Alexander McPHERSON and Catherine McINTYRE, arrived Victoria with parents and siblings in 1852, of "Victoria Lagoon" and "Wilderness" stations, married in 1856 at "Hopkins Hill" Station, Caramut, Victoria to Mary Mae McDONALD 1835-1886, b. Kilmonivaig, Inverness-shire, Scotland, daughter of Alexander McDONALD and Hardinah McDONALD of "Hopkins Hill" Station.

Donald McPHERSON, along with his parents and siblings, was at "Wilderness" Station, near Coleraine in the 1850s, Ararat in 1866, Digby in 1868 and by 1870 was at "Woodford" Station Dartmoor. He later purchased the "Wooodford Inn" and was still operating it when he and his wife both died in 1886 and were buried at Dartmoor, S-W Victoria.

Donald McPHERSON & Mary Mae McDONALD had the following family....

  1. Hardinah McPHERSON b. 1858, Cavendish, Vic, d. 1939, Melbourne, Vic., m. Frederick GRANTER 1857-1917;

  2. Mary McPHERSON b. 1860, Cavendish, Vic, d. 1924, Melbourne, Vic., m. Constable Edmund Alfred FOSTER 1846-1878, who died at Branxholme, Vic.;

  3. Nicholas McPHERSON b. 1860, "Wilderness" Station, Coleraine, Vic., d. 1935, Mt Gambier, m. Margaret SMITH 1866-1957 of Mumbannar;

  4. Donald McPHERSON b. 1862, "Wilderness" Station, Coleraine, Vic., d. 1930, Nhill, Vic.;

  5. Dugald McPHERSON b. 1864, d. 1864 Hamilton, Vic.;

  6. Catherine McPHERSON b. 1866, Ararat, Vic, d. 1946, Mallee, Vic., m. John CAMERON 1862-1943, of Strathdownie.

  7. Alexina McPHERSON b. 1868, Digby, Vic., d. 1897, Hamilton, Vic.;

  8. Martha Catherine McPHERSON b. 1870, Dartmoor, Vic., d. 1949, Melbourne, Vic., m. Patrick MURNANE 1864-1918;

  9. Alexander John McPHERSON b. 1873, Dartmoor, Vic., d. 1949, Hamilton, Vic., m. Emma Jane BARKER 1881-1968;

  10. John Alexander McPHERSON b. 1875, Dartmoor, Vic., d. 1955, Melbourne, Vic., m. Christine McPherson WILLIAMSON 1872-1952;

  11. Dugald Varley McPHERSON b. 1878, Dartmoor, Vic., d. 1936, Kiata, near Nhill, Vic. [Served with 14th & 46th Battalions, AIF in WW1]

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