Duncan McPHERSON 1815-1903
Christina STEWART 1825-1921

Inverness-shire, Scotland; Melbourne, Victoria; Dartmoor and Hamilton, S-W Victoria

Duncan McPHERSON 1815-1903, b. 1815 Inverness, Scotland, son of John McPHERSON and Ann McRAE married in 1851 in Inverness-shire, Scotland to Christina STEWART 1825-1921, b. Kingussie, Inverness-shire, Scotland, daughter of Alexander STEWART and Isabella McBAIN.

Duncan and Christina McPHERSON arrived at Melbourne, Port Phillip on the "Hooghly" in November 1851. Accoding to Chritina's obituary she stayed in Melbourne which Duncan went to the Victorian goldfields. Later they moved to Portland, S-W Victoria, then settled in the Strathdownie district before 1857.

In 1857 Duncan McPHERSON purchased the "Woodford Inn" at Dartmoor on the Glenelg river from John Scott GRANT 1822-1879, who moved north to Sandford on the Wannon where he established another Inn.

Duncan McPHERSON died at Dartmoor in November 1903 and his widow Christina died at Hamilton, S-W Victoria in September 1921, aged 96 years.

Duncan McPHERSON and Christina STEWART the following known children...

  1. Isabella McPHERSON 1854-1921, b. Melbourne, Victoria, d, Hamilton, S-W Victoria, m. 1884 to George BAILEY 1858-1926, b. Warrnambool, S-W Victoria, d. Ballarat, Victoria.
  2. John McPHERSON b. 1855 ..., Victoria and ...?...
  3. Alexander McPHERSON 1857-1889, b. ...?..., d. Dartmoor, S-W Victoria.
  4. Donald McPHERSON 1858-...., b. Dartmoor, S-W Victoria and ....?....
  5. Isaac McPHERSON 1860-1903, b. Dartmoor, S-W Victoria, d. Hamilton, S-W Victoria;
  6. Christina Ann McPHERSON 1863-1944, b. Digby, S-W Victoria, d. Ballarat, Victoria;
  7. Elizabeth McPHERSON 1864-1909, b. Dartmoor, S-W Victoria, d. Hamilton, S-W Victoria;
  8. Jane McPHERSON 1866-1933, b. Dartmoor, S-W Victoria, d. Hamilton, S-W Victoria.

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