Alexander McQUEEN 1833-1916 & Catherine McBAIN 1832-1905

Inverness, Scotland; South Australia; Digby & Dartmoor, Victoria, Australia

Alexander McQUEEN b. 1833, North Uist, Inverness, Scotland (son of Norman McQUEEN & Rachael McLEAN) was married in 1856 in Adelaide, South Australia to Catherine McBAIN b. 1832 Inverness, Scotland (dau of Donald McBAIN & Margaret McLEAN).

Alexander McQUEEN and Catherine McBAIN emigrated to Adelaide on the "Hercules" in 1852.

Some children were born in the Digby & Dartmoor area of south-west Victoria.

Alexander & Catherine McQUEEN both died at Colac, Victoria in 1916 and 1905 respectively.

Alexander McQUEEN & Catheraine McBAIN had the following known family...

  1. Norman McQUEEN b. 1857, South Australia, d. 1932, m. Elizabeth BAKER 1859-1938;

  2. Rachel McQUEEN b. Digby, Victoria, d. 1901, Colac, Victoria;

  3. Mary McQUEEN b. c1861 ____, d. 1931, Colac, Victoria;

  4. Margaret McQUEEN b. c1861 ____, d. 1940, NSW m. Jonathan STACEY 1863-1937;

  5. Donald McQUEEN b. c1863 ____, d. 1872, Victoria;

  6. Euphemia McQUEEN b. c1868 ____, d. 1921, Colac, Victoria;

  7. Catherine McQUEEN b. c1869 ____, d. 1889, m. Thomas LACEY 1864-1920;

  8. Archibald McQUEEN b. c1872 Dartmoor, Victoria, d. 1959 m. Rose TORNEY 1872-1952;

  9. Jessie McQUEEN b. c1875, South Australia, d. 1913, m. Albert EASTON 1880-1971;

  10. Sarah McQUEEN b. c1875 ____, d. 1956 New Zealand m. Dugald John KEITH (son William Alfred McQUEEN, Pte 2214, 21st Battalion, AIF, KIA, France, 1918);

  11. Donald McQUEEN b. 1876, White Hut, South Australia, d. 1912.

  12. Flora McQUEEN b. 1882, Virginia, South Australia, d. 1980, Colac, Victoria m. John Henry "Harry" HISLOP 1874-1918.

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