Duncan George McQUEEN 1836-1918
Flora McRAE 1832-1913

North Uist & Skye, Inverness-shire, Scotland ; South Australia ; Merino & Sandford & Wimmera, Victoria ; Narrogin, Western Australia, Australia

Duncan George McQUEEN 1836-1918, b. North Uist, Inverness-shire, Scotland to Norman McQUEEN & Rachael McLEAN; m. in 1862 at "Murndal" Station, Tahara (near Merino), Victoria to Flora McRAE 1832-1915, b. Skye, Inverness-shire, Scotland to David McRAE & Euphemia McKINNON.

Duncan McQUEEN emigrated from Scotland to Adelaide, SA on the "Hercules" arriving in 1853, along with other family members including his brother Alexander McQUEEN 1833-1916.

Flora McRAE emigrated from Scotland to Portland, Victoria on the "Arabian" arriving in 1854.

Children were born near Merino and Digby, Victoria and and at Wallup, Kellalac and Kewell, Wimmera district, Victoria.

Duncan and Flora McQUEEN and some children moved to Western Australia, where the parenst died at Narrogin, SE of Perth in 1918 and 1915 respectiveley.

Duncan George McQUEEN & Flora McRAE had the following known family...

  1. Flora Ann McQUEEN 1862-1933, b. "Runnymede" Sandford, Victoria; d. Leederville, Western Australia; m. 1886 in the Wimmera, Victoria to George Nolan GOULD 1856-1899, b. South Australia to George Luke GOULD and Mary Bridget NOLAN ; d. Narrogin, Western Australia, 7 children.

  2. Hugh Norman McQUEEN 1864-1943, b. Digby, Victoria; d. Narrogin, Western Australia; m. 1909 at Perth, Western Australia to Florence Elizabeth AITKEN 1866-1943, b. Melbourne, Victoria to James AITKEN and Margaret SCOTT ; d. Narrogin, Western Australia, ? children.

  3. David McQUEEN 1865-1952, b. Merino, Victoria; d. Northam, Western Australia; m. 1903 at Toodyay, Western Australia to Ruffena Eleanor RYAN 1881-1968, b. Wongmine, Western Australia to Timothy RYAN and Ellen McDONOUGH ; d. Northam, Western Australia; 3(?) children.

  4. John McQUEEN 1867-1868, b. and d. Merino, Victoria.

  5. Neil McQUEEN 1869-1947, b. Merino, Victoria; d. Horsham (Wimmera), Victoria; m. 1896 at Warrackabeal, Victoria to Ellen Caroline BLIGHT 1880-1967, b. Willowie, South Australia to Stephen BLIGHT and Margaret ALEXANDER ; d. Horsham, Victoria; 5 children.

  6. John Alexander Archibald McQUEEN 1869-1947, b. "Runnymede" Sandford, Victoria; d. Moora, Western Australia; m. 1912 at Namban, Western Australia to Clara Jane WARD 1881-1954, b. Bordertown, South Australia to William Henry WARD and Mary Pauline BROCKMEYER ; d. Perth, Western Australia; 1 child.

  7. Donald Duncan McQUEEN 1875-1962, b. Wallup (Wimmera), Victoria; d. Perth, Western Australia.

  8. Mary Ann Jane McQUEEN 1877-1878, b. Kellalac (Wimmera), Victoria; d. Wallup (Wimmera), Victoria.

  9. Rachel Euphemia McQUEEN 1879-1927, b. Kewell West (Wimmera), Victoria; d. Narrogin, Western Australia. m.1 in 1908 at Narroagin, Western Australia to John JOHNSON 1870-1917; m.2 in 1918 at Narrogin, Western Australia to Johann Friedrich Christian JAENSCH 1867-1932; b. Barossa Valley, South Australia to Johann Gottlieb JAENSCH and Johanna Caroline KROLLICH; d. Narrogin, Western Australia.

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