William MOODIE 1840-1914
Elizabeth Ann OWENS 1845-1918

Scotland ; Wales ; Melbourne (Port Phillip); "Wando Vale" and "Wando Dale" Stations and Digby, Victoria, Australia

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William MOODIE 1840-1914, born Glasgow, Scotland, son of John MOODIE and Charlotte ROBERTSON. He arrived at Melbourne, Port Phillip, on the emigrant ship "Ariadne" as an infant, with his parents and siblings (Annie 1835-1923 and Martha 1838-1933) in 1841.

Elizabeth Ann OWENS 1845-1918, born Holyhead, Wales, daughter and eldest child of Owen OWENS and Catherine LEWIS who emigrated with the rest of their family to Digby (Emu Creek), Victoria, Australia in the 1850s. Catherine LEWIS was a sister of Richard LEWIS, squatter of "Rifle Downs" Station near Digby, Victoria and sailed to Australia in 1855 on her uncle's (Richard LEWIS of "Rifle Downs") ship.

In May 1850, William MOODIE, aged 10y, along with his parents and siblings (Annie, Martha, Mary and John) travelled overland by sping cart and horseback, from Geelong to "Wando Vale" Station on the Wando River in south-western Port Phillip (Victoria). "Wando Vale" Station was the property of John George ROBERTSON 1803-1863, elder brother of William's mother Charlotte ROBERTSON 1815-1904.

In 1853 John MOODIE 1809-1869 purchased and occupied "Wando Dale" Station, on the Wando River, NE of Wando Vale, Victoria.

William MOODIE was married at Portland, Victoria in 1866 to Elizabeth Ann OWENS lived at "Wando Dale" Station, NE of Wando Vale, where most of their family was born. William died in 1914 at "Mona Vale" Coleraine and Elizabeth also died there in 1918 and both were buried in the Coleraine Cemetery.

William MOODIE and Eliza OWENS had the following family...

  1. John Richard MOODIE 1867-1932, b. "Wando Dale" near NW of Coleraine, Victoria; d. Hamilton, Victoria; m. Mabel Georgina BEGGS c.1875-1951, daughter of Hugh Lyons Montgomery BEGGS and Lavinia Mary Eugenia HENEY of "Bushy Creek" Station, east of Glenthompson, Victoria.

  2. William George Robertson MOODIE 1869-1928, b. "Wando Dale" NW of Coleraine, Victoria; d. Wagga Wagga, NSW, m. Elizabeth Gerte PEARSON 1873-1972 b. Hobart, Tasmania to John Wesley PEARSON and Jessie MARSHALL, d. Melbourne, Victoria.

  3. Annie MOODIE 1871-1951, "Wando Dale" NW of Coleraine, Victoria; d. 1951, Hamilton, Victoria; m. Thomas ROBERTSON 1864-1936, b. Victoria to John ROBERTSON and Jane CARTER; d. "Muroa" Station (near Hamilton), Victoria.

  4. James Edward MOODIE 1873-1948, b. "Wando Dale" NW of Coleraine, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. Oriana Jane ROBERTSON c.1879-1966, b. London, England to Edward ROBERTSON and Annie HAWKINS; d. Ballarat, Victoria.

  5. Mary Wilhemina MOODIE 1875-1941, b. "Wando Dale" NW of Coleraine, Victoria; d. Griffith, NSW; m. Horace Cooke MAYNE c.1877-1962, b. Ireland to Alexander Smith MAYNE and Jeanette Elinor NEESON; d. Sydney, NSW.

  6. Eliza May MOODIE 1877-1946, b. "Wando Dale" NW of Coleraine, Victoria; d. Casterton, Victoria; m. Robert Halbert EDGAR 1872-1949, b. "Tallengower" Station, near Chetwynd, Victoria to Walter EDGAR and Grace Murray WILLIAMSON; d. Casterton, Victoria.

  7. Stephen Lewis MOODIE 1878-1949, b. "Wando Dale" NW of Coleraine, Victoria; d. Hamilton, Victoria; m. Elizabeth Amelia GARDINER 1881-1923, b. Queenscliff, Victoria to Charles Gordon GARDINER and Sarah Dudley McINTOSH; d. Warracknabeal, Victoria.

  8. Owen Robert MOODIE 1880-1921, b. "Wando Dale" NW of Coleraine, Victoria; WW1 Pte 2423, 8th Light Horse Regiment, AIF; Soldier Settler at Tuppal, near Finley, NSW; d. Deniliquin Hospital, NSW.

  9. Katherine Charlotte "Katie" MOODIE 1882-1959, b. "Wando Dale" NW of Coleraine, Victoria; d. Colac, Victoria; m. Octavius Paget PALMER 1879-1966, b. Warrnambool, Victoria to Octavius Frederick W PALMER and Rachel Emily Doveton; d. Mortlake, Victoria.

  10. Dr. Charles George Gordon MOODIE 1885-1927, b. "Wando Dale" NW of Coleraine, Victoria; d. Sydney, NSW, m. (1923) to Diane Irene Dorothy WELLS 1900-1989, (div. 1926), b. Queensland, Australia to Joseph Rufus WELLS and Catherine "Kate" HICKEY, d. Queensland, Australia. Dr MOODIE served in WW1 as Capt. and Maj. with the Field Ambulance and Medical Corps, AIF in Egypt and the Western Front from 1914 to 1918.

  11. Grace Eva MOODIE 1887-1970, b. "Wando Dale" NW of Coleraine, Victoria; d. Sydney, NSW.

  12. Murray Llewellan MOODIE 1890-1965, b. "Wando Dale" NW of Coleraine, Victoria; Artist; d. Sydney, NSW.

The story of William MOODIE and his family is recorded in his published memoirs - "William Moodie - A Pioneer of Western Victoria" edited by Joan Austin Palmer (1974).

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