John MUNRO 1833-1914
Bridget LEONARD 1843-1923

Scotland; Ireland; & Hotspur, S-W Victoria, Australia

John MUNRO b. 1832, Ayrshire, Scotland son of Daniel MUNRO and Mary STEEDMAN was married in 1867, Portland, Victoria to Bridget LEONARD, b. 1843 Dublin, Ireland, daughter of Michael LEONARD and Ellen GAVIN.

John MUNRO arrived from Scotland in 1854, went gold mining, married Bridget LEONARD at Portland, Vic. in 1867, was a storekeeper and postmaster at Hotspur and died there in 1914 and is buried in the Hotspur Cemetery.

Bridget MUNRO died in Melbourne in 1923 and was buried in the Brighton Cemetery, as were some of their children in later years.

John MUNRO & Bridget LEONARD had the following children:

  1. Mary Helen "Minnie" MUNRO b. 1868, Digby, Vic., d. 1954, Melbourne, Vic., m. Joseph James "Jim" ROBINS 1867-1942.;

  2. Daniel "Dan" MUNRO b. 1870, Hotspur, Vic, d. 1950, Melbourne, Vic., m. Jessie HARWOOD 1865-1937;
    1. Norman Clarence MUNRO
    2. b. 1897, Sandford, Vic, d. 1918, France
      • enlisted WW1, 30 Nov 1915, Wando Vale, Vic
      • served as Pte 3873, 24th Battalion, AIF [MM]
      • awarded Militay Medal [MM] 17 June 1918
      • DOW, 12-06-1918, Ville-Sur-Ancre, France
      • Named on Casterton War Memorial, Casterton Town Hall Honour Roll, Wando Vale Honour Roll
    3. Charles Bland MUNRO
    4. b. 1899, Sandford, Vic, d. 1925
    5. John James MUNRO
    6. b. 1901, Casterton, Vic
    7. Beatrice MUNRO
    8. b. 1905, Casterton, Vic
    9. Bryce MUNRO
    10. b. 1905, Casterton, Vic

  3. William "Will" MUNRO b. 1871, Hotspur, Vic,. d. 1942, Melbourne, Vic.;

  4. John "Jack" MUNRO b. 1873, Hotspur, Vic, d. 1951, Melbourne, Vic., m. Ida Augusta MIKKONEN 1880-1965

  5. Caroline Sophia MUNRO b. 1874, Hotspur, Vic., d. 1954, Melbourne, Vic.;

  6. Charles Hotspur MUNRO b. 1874, Hotspur, Vic., was in New Zealand when his father died at Hotspur in 1914. He probably enlisted in the N.Z. Expeditionary Forces in N.Z. as he died, 6 May 1918, France as a meber of the 1st Battalion, Wellington Regiment;

  7. Henry James "Harry" MUNRO b. 1876, Hotspur, Vic., d. 1971, Frankston, Vic, m. Anne Jane RAGGATT 1876-1925;

  8. Ada MUNRO b. 1880, Digby, Vic., d. 1941, Melbourne, Vic.;

  9. Leonard "Jen" MUNRO b. 1885, Hotspur, Vic, d. 1959., Melbourne, Vic., m. Constance Ethel WALLACE 1885-1954.

J. MUNRO was listed as an early landowner on the Hotspur Parish map.

W. MUNRO was listed as an early landowner on the Hotspur Parish map.

Daryl Povey

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