Thomas ORGILL 1832-1908 & Emily ALDER c1845-1888

Thomas ORGILL b. 1832 Measham, Derbyshire, England, son of Matthew ORGILL and Elizabeth ___ married in 1865 in Victoia to Emily ALDER b. c1845 ___, daughter of James ALDER and Elizabeth PALMER. George ORGILL who obtained a Soldier Settlement Block on the Glenorchy Estate after WW1 was one of the children in this family:

  1. Thomas Henry ORGILL b. 1865, Emerald Hill, Vic, m. Anne PATTERSON;
  2. Elizabeth Emily Jane ORGILL b. 1867, Emerald Hill, Vic, m. Henry NOY;
  3. Mabel Ruth ORGILL b. 1869, Emerald Hill, Vic, m. Alexander ROBINSON;
  4. Esther Lydia ORGILL b. 1871, Emerald Hill, Vic;
  5. Matthew Alder ORGILL b. 1873, Northcote, Vic, m. Louisa MATHURNA;
    • 1st AIF, Pte 4103, 32nd Battalion
    • enlisted 8-05-1916, RTA 8-05-1919
  6. Emily Hannah ORGILL b. 1875, Northcote, Vic, m. Robert MEADE;
  7. Hannah Bertha ORGILL b. 1878, Emerald Hill, Vic, m. Charles ROBERTS;
  8. George ORGILL b. 1880, Emerald Hill, Vic, m. Lilian Mary HANSEN;
  9. Edith Sarah ORGILL b. 1883, d. 1884, Melbourne, Vic;
  10. Frank Ernest ORGILL b. 1885, Melbourne, Vic, m. Ethel Catherine DWYER;
    • 1st AIF, Pte 14172, S. Trans
    • enlisted 31-03-1916, RTA ___

Daryl Povey

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