John George OTTEY 1822-1856 & Lucy Ann GALLAND 1822-1891

OTTEY's was the first store established in Digby in 1846 and was located at the foot of the hill on the main road close to Emu Creek. Mr OTTEY received his goods from Portland by waggon and he travelled to Portland on foot to order them. He would leave late in the evening walking all night arriving there in time to complete his business next morning and then walk back to Digby. The photograph on the right taken in 1858 shows OTTEY's Store on the left side of the road when travelling up the hill, opposite the Woolpack Inn.

John George OTTEY was b. ca 1822 Rugeley, Staffordshire, England, son of Walter OTTEY and Eleanor HATFIELD. John married Lucy Ann GALLAND in the early 1850s and a daughter Mary Emily OTTEY was born at Digby in 1853 and christened CofE at Digby on 7 Sep 1853.

John Ottey died from a fall from his horse at Rifle Downs Station in 1856 and has one of the earliest surviving tombstones in the Digby Cemetery. His wife Lucy, did not marry again but their daughter Emily OTTEY married Isidore Thomson WILMOT in 1878.

J. G. OTTEY was on the original list of first buyers of Digby town allotments.

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