Owen OWENS 1814-1879 & Catherine LEWIS 1819-1877

Owen OWENS was born 1814, Holyhead, Wales, son of Richard OWENS and ___, and he married Catherine LEWIS, born 1820 Holyhead, Wales, daughter of Owen LEWIS and ___ in 1844. Catherine LEWIS was a sister to Richard LEWIS 1815-1890 of 'Rifle Downs' near Digby and to Hugh LEWIS 1826-1887, a pastoralist of 'Glenlivet' near Digby. Owen OWENS was a shepherd and overseer at 'Pleasant Hills' station near Digby.

Owen OWENS and Catherine LEWIS had the following family:

  1. Elizabeth Ann OWENS b, 1846, Holyhead, Wales, mar. William MOODIE;
  2. Mary Grace OWENS b. 1847, Holyhead, Wales, mar. Jonathon RIGBY;
  3. John OWENS b. 1850;
  4. William OWENS b. 1852;
  5. John OWENS b. 1854;
  6. Owen Lewis OWENS b. 1856, d, 1861, Vic;
  7. Grace OWENS b. 1859 Digby, Vic d. 1861;
  8. Catherine OWENS b. 1861 Digby, Vic mar. Charles SIMSON;
  9. Owen Hugh OWENS b. 1863 Digby.

Daryl Povey

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