Jacob PERRY 1819-1890 & Ann MARTIN 1833-1899

Jacob PERRY b. 1819 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England married 1855 Ballan, Vic to Ann MARTIN b. 1833 Newcastle, England. The family moved to Mt Gambier in South Australia in the 1870s. Jacb and Ann PERRY had the following children:

  1. Mary Ann PERRY b. 1857 Ballan, Vic, d. 1867;
  2. Margaret PERRY b. 1858 Ingliston, Vic;
  3. Emily PERRY b. 1859 Harrow, Vic;
  4. Jacob PERRY b. 1861 Digby, Vic;
  5. William PERRY b. 1863 Deep Creek, Vic, m. Ann JONES;
  6. Mary Ann PERRY b. 1865 Merino d. 1867;
  7. Charles PERRY b. 1867 Merino, Vic;
  8. Alfred John PERRY b. 1869 Merino, Vic, m. Theresa Sylvester PREECE;
  9. Mary Ann PERRY b. 1871, Compton, SA;
  10. Frederick PERRY b. 1876, Compton, SA;
  11. Emily Elizabeth PERRY b. 1876, Glenburnie, SA, mar. Theophilus OLD;
  12. Mary Ann PERRY b. c1878, d. 1949.

Daryl Povey

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