Alfred John (Wm?) PETERS 1827-1893 b. London, England
Jane Teresa ENNIS ~1833-1911 b. Dublin, Ireland

London, England; Dublin, Ireland; "Merino Downs," "Warrock" & "Runnymede" Stations, Merino, Digby, Sandford & Strathdownie areas, S-W Victoria, Australia

Alfred John (Wm) PETERS b. 1827, London, England, son of John PETERS and Elizabeth CLARKE was married in 1850 in the Wannon Region of south-west Victoria to Jane Teresa ENNIS, b. c.1833 Dublin, Ireland, daughter of John and Jane ENNIS. He appears to be commonly known as John PETERS in the various indexes for births and deaths of his children. John PETERS appears to have been christened along with other siblings in the Parish Church of Saint Leonards, Shoreditch, London from 1827 to 1836.

William John PETERS (recorded as Alfred John PETERS) who had a house and land at Digby, died at "Strathdownie East" station in 1893, and was buried in Merino cemetery.

Jane Teresa PETERS, nee INNIS, aged 77y, died in 1911 at Stratford in Gippsland, Victoria from burns received when her clothes caught alight. She had been a house-keeper for one of her sons at Stratford.

It appears from the births of children that the family lived at "Merino Downs", "Warrock" and "Runymede" Stations and Digby in the Casterton, Merino, Digby & Strathdownie area of south-west Victoria.

Alfred John (Wm?) PETERS and Jane Teresa INNES had the following known family...

  1. Elizabeth Jane PETERS b. 1851, Mocamboro (nr Merino), Vic, d. 1923, m. Henry Harris LANG 1847-1911;

  2. John PETERS b. 1852, Sandford, S-W Vic, d. 1857;

  3. Alfred John PETERS b. 1853, Merino, S-W Vic, of Myaring, S-W Vic., d. 1890, Maylands, Adelaide, SA, m. in 1889 at Adelaide, SA, to Lydia Ellen WELSBY ~1864-1909 and had one son...
    1. Alfred John Holbrook PETERS b. 1890, Adelaide, SA, d. 1975 ??, m1. in 1913 at Adelaide, SA to Florence Myrtle COWLEY 1889-1915; m2. in 1917 to Elizabeth May HUTCHINS 1890-1968, of Coleraine, S-W Victoria.

  4. Mary Ann PETERS b. 1854, "Merino Downs" Station, Vic, d. 1933, Coleraine, S-W Vic., m. George HUTCHINS ~1850-1929, b. Hampshire, England, d. Coleraine, S-W Vic. 10 children from 1877 to 1895 at Coleraine, S-W Vic.;

  5. James PETERS b. 1856, "Warrock" Station (near Casterton), S-W Vic, d. 1928, Gippsland, Vic., m. 1881 to Hanna Maria SIMKIN 1861-1935, b. Digby, S-W Vic. They had a large family in Western Victoria & Gippsland, Victoria...
    1. Josephine Theresa Innes PETERS, b. 1882 Digby, S-W Vic., d. Henty, NSW, m. 1905 to John Joseph JONES 1874-1961, b. Stratford, Gippsland, Vic., d. Henty, NSW.
    2. Victor Herbert PETERS, b. 1884 SA., d. 1898, Gippsland, Vic.
    3. Bertha Mary Eliza PETERS, b. 1887 Digby, S-W Vic., d. Hay, NSW, m. 1912 to Harry LUGSDIN 1886-1958, b. Daylesford, Vic., d. Hay, NSW.
    4. Alfred James Leslie PETERS, b. 1890 Balmoral, S-W Vic., d. Melbourne, Vic, m. 1911 to Ruby Florence Homewood DUNN 1889-1962, b. Melbourne, Vic., d. Melbourne, Vic.
    5. Ruth Alfreda Olive PETERS, b. 1896 Gippsland, Vic., d. 1961, Melbourne, Vic. Single.
    6. Cyril Victor Hamilton PETERS, b. 1898 Gippsland, Vic., d. 1969 Melbourne, Vic., m. 1932 to Annie Louisa BRAIDWOOD 1903-1983, b. Yackandandah, Vic., d. Frankston, Vic.
    7. John Digby Simkin PETERS, b. 1901 Gippsland, Vic., d. 1976 Melbourne, Vic., m. 1939 to Eva May GALBRAITH 1900-1981, b. St James, Vic., d. Melbourne, Vic.
    8. Victor PETERS, b. 1904, d. 1904 Stratford, Gippsland, Vic.
    9. Allan Maxwell Gordon PETERS, b. 1907 Gippsland, Vic., d. Melbourne, Vic m. 1937 to Gerte Mary WOODWARD 1914- ? , b. Gippsland, Vic., d. .........

  6. Emma PETERS b. 1858, d. 1860, S-W Casterton, Vic.;

  7. Alice PETERS b. 1862, "Runnymede" Station (nr Sandford), S-W Vic., d. 1908 Strathdownie, S-W Vic., m. 1892 John Thomas MITCHELL ~1845-1909, b. Huntingdonshire, England, d. Strthdownie, S-W Vic.;

  8. Henry "Harry" PETERS b. 1864, Merino, Vic, ........? (had left the district by 1893 when his father died);

  9. John PETERS b. 1867, Merino, Vic, d. 1867 "Merino Downs";

  10. George PETERS b. 1868, Merino, S-W Vic, d. 1951, Horsham, Vic, m1. Emily Jane TRELOAR 1872-1898, b. 1872 Condah Swamp, S-W Vic., d, 1898 Condah, S-W Vic. (5 children); m2. Jane Elizabeth McDONALD 1878-1943 (9 children).
    George PETERS & Emily Jane TRELOAR had the following family...
    1. Hamutal PETERS b. 1890 Digby, S-W Vic., m. 1911 to David KEEN 1888-1983
    2. Henry Ernest PETERS b. 1891 Digby, S-W Vic., d. 1975 NSW, m. 1916 to Florence Alberzine BALL 1891-1984
    3. Emily May PETERS b. 1893 Digby, S-W Vic., m. 1912 to Herbert Lloyd McDONALD 1887-1957
    4. William James PETERS b. 1895 Branxholme, S-W Vic., d. 1957, WA, m. 1919 to Essie KERR 1896-1963
    5. Herbert George PETERS b. 1897 Branxholme, S-W Vic., d. 1976, Melbourne, Vic., m. 1919 to Violet Irene FREESTONE
    George PETERS & Jane Elizabeth McDONALD had the following family...
    1. Anne Elizabeth PETERS b. 1901 Branxholme, S-W Vic., d. 1997 Geelong, Vic., m. 1922 to Albert Charles GOLDING 1900-1970
    2. Alfred Stanley PETERS b. 1903 d. 1903 Branxholme, S-W Vic.
    3. Amy Gladys PETERS b. 1905 Branxholme, S-W Vic., d. 1982 Footscray, Vic., m. to J. CREIGHTON
    4. Percy Donald PETERS b. 1907 Wallacedale, S-W Vic., d. ..... m. 1929 to Alice Mary GELLIE 1909-1979
    5. Elsie Myrtle PETERS b. 1910 Hamilton, S-W Vic., d. ....., m. 1931 to John Thomas O'LOUGHLIN 1908- ?
    6. Dorothy Jean PETERS b. 1912 Hamilton, S-W Vic., d. 1979 Melbourne, Vic., m. to W. E. PROSSER
    7. Reginald John b. 1913 Wallacedale, S-W Vic., d. ...., m. 1940 to Mavis Irene BRUCE ......
    8. Dulcie PETERS b. 1916 d. 1916 Branxholme, S-W Vic.
    9. Stella PETERS b. 1916 d. 1916 Branxholme, S-W Vic.

  11. Victoria Annie PETERS b. 1871, Merino, S-W Vic, d. 1940 Melbourne, Vic., m. 1900 to Charles BLAIR 1879-1950, b. ___, Vic., d. Melbourne, Vic. ;

  12. Herbert John PETERS b. 1876, Merino, Vic, d. 1915, Gallipoli, Turkey
    • Served and died in WW1 as L/Cpl 433, 8th Light Horse Regiment, 1st AIF
    • enlisted in the AIF 18-09-1914
    • KIA, Gallipoli, Turkey, 30-08-1915
    • Grave, Hill 10 Cemetery, Suvla, Gallipoli, Turkey.
    • Digby Avenue of Honour Tree No 13 Planted by Miss SHAW

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