King William POBJOY 1853-1931 & Alice Georgina BLAKE 1862-?

King William POBJOY b. 1853, Wallingford, Berkshire, England, son of William POBJOY and Sophia KING was married in 1891 to Alice Georgina BLAKE, b. 1862, Gordon, Vic., dau of Edward BLAKE and Georgina PARKER. King William POBJOY was appointed as Anglican Clergyman in charge of the Merino Diocese of the Church of England in 1890. He remained attached to this diocese until transferring to South Australia in 1894. They had the following family:

  1. Dorothy POBJOY b. 1892, Merino, Vic;
  2. Marjery POBJOY b. 1893, Merino, Vic;
  3. Alica Blake POBJOY b. 1896, Blackwood, SA;
  4. Reginald Bede POBJOY b. 1898, Blackwood, SA;

Daryl Povey

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