Henry Robert SALMON 1861-1910 & Alice Jane WALTER 1867-1947

The Geoffrey SALMON who has a tree in the World War 1 Digby Avenue of Honour appears to be a member of this family group from Ballarat.

Henry Robert SALMON b. c 1867, London, England, son of John SALMON and Marainne SHARPE was married in 1888, Victoria to Alice jane WALTER, b. c1867 Brighton, Victoria, dau of John WALTER and Christina CRESWELL and they appeared to have the following family:

  1. John Walter SALMON b. c1890, Ballarat, Vic,
  2. Kenneth Norman SALMON b. 1891, Ballarat, Vic,
  3. Robert Arthur SALMON b. 1892, Ballarat, Vic,
  4. Marjorie Alice SALMON b. c1893, Ballarat, Vic,
  5. Wilfred Graham SALMON b. 1895, Ballarat, Vic,
  6. Geoffrey SALMON b. 1896, Ballarat, Vic, d. 1968, Heidleberg, Vic
    • WW1, AIF, 8th Field Artillery Brigade, enlisted 22-03-16
    • RTA, 1-07-19e
    • Digby Avenue of Honour Tree No 26, planted by Mr E YOUNGMAN
  7. Ruth SALMON b. 1898, d. 1898, Ballarat, Vic,
  8. Nellie Florence SALMON b. 1899, Ballarat, Vic,
  9. Ronald Creswell SALMON b. 1901, Ballarat, Vic,
  10. Clair Hilda SALMON b. 1903, Ballarat, Vic,
  11. Betty SALMON b. 1906, Ballarat, Vic,
  12. Nora SALMON b. 1906, Ballarat, Vic,

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