John SAVIGE 1832-1910
Thomas Smith SAVIGE 1844-1931

Northamptonshire, England ; Hotspur, Condah & Branxholme, S-W Victoria, Australia.

John SAVIGE 1832-1910 and his brother Thomas Smith SAVIGE 1844-1931 were sons of Samuel SAVIGE 1808-1894 and Hannah SMITH 1808-1872 from Northamptonshire, England who settled at Condah & Hotspur in south-west Victoria in the 1870s before moving to Gippsland in eastern Victoria.

Research has shown that John and Thomas SAVIGE moved to western Victoria in 1867. John kept a store at Branxholme, while Thomas was head teacher of "Old Condah" (South Branxholme) School. In May 1870, John took up a selection of land (196 acres) in the parish of Bramburra, which had been part of Crawford Station, the pastoral lease of which was held by John Meikle MESSER. John's selection lay between Crawford {"Smoky" River) and Greenhills ("new" Condah) township near Lake Condah. Thomas SAVIGE transferred from South Branxholme to Hotspur School, then in 1872 he abandoned life as a teacher, taking up a selection of land (80 acres) adjoining that of John. Both brothers later moved to Narracan in Gippsland with their respective families. Thomas selected an allotment of 229 acres) in 1874, while John selected 320 acres in the name of his son John Russell SAVIGE in 1875. John, Emma and their younger children (including Bert) moved to Narracan in December 1876, shortly after the birth of their youngest child Condah.

One of John's grandsons was to become Lt. Gen. Sir Stanley George SAVIGE who served in WW1 and WW2 and was one of the founders of Legacy. A summary of his story can be found on the Legacy website. (click on logo at right)

John SAVIGE 1832-1910 & Emma RUSSELL 1825-1927

John SAVIGE b. 1832 Northamptonshire, Eng., married 1856, Sandhurst, Vic., to Emma RUSSELL b. 1835 Monmouthshire, Wales and they had the following children...

  1. John SAVIGE b. 1857 Sandhurst, Vic;
  2. William Russell SAVIGE b. 1859 Pleasant Creek, Vic;
  3. Charles SAVIGE b. 1862;
  4. Frederick SAVIGE b. 1864 Landsborough, Vic;
  5. Samuel SAVIGE b. 1866 Collingwood, Vic;
  6. Emma Eliza SAVIGE b. 1869 Branxholme, S-W Vic;
  7. Albert SAVIGE b. 1871 Hotspur, S-W Vic;
  8. Henry SAVIGE b. 1873 Branxholme, S-W Vic;
  9. Lake Condah SAVIGE b. 1877 Condah, S-W Vic.

Thomas Smith SAVIGE 1844-1931 & Anne Russell POWELL 1849-1924

Thomas Smith SAVIGE, brother of John SAVIGE was b. 1845 Northamptonshire, Eng and married 1869 Vic to Anne Russell POWELL b. 1849 Adelaide, SA and they had the following children:

  1. Samuel SAVIGE b. 1870 Branxholme, S-W Vic;
  2. Hannah SAVIGE b. 1872 Hotspur, S-W Vic;
  3. Ernest James SAVIGE b. 1874 Condah, S-W Vic;
  4. Eliza SAVIGE b. 1877 Traralgon, Vic;
  5. Evangeline SAVIGE b. 1879 Narracan, Vic;
  6. Ralph Garfield SAVIGE b. 1881 Narracan, Vic;
  7. Drusilla SAVIGE b. 1883 Narracan, Vic;
  8. Walter Thomas SAVIGE b. 1885 Narracan, Vic;
  9. Frank SAVIGE b. 1887 Narracan, Vic;
  10. Mary SAVIGE b. 1889 Narracan, Vic;
  11. John Henry SAVIGE b. 1890 Narracan, Vic;
  12. Laura Dorothea SAVIGE b. 1893 Narracan, Vic;

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