Thomas SEXTON c1831-1911 & Mildred Charlotte BOURNE 1833-1896

Co Clare, Ireland; "Greenwald" Station, Melbourne, Digby, Victoria; Adealide, South Australia

Grandson of John EGAN & Annie McNAMARA from Co Clare, Ireland

John EGAN & Annie McNAMARA from Co Clare, Ireland had the following known family...

  1. Lawrence Mack EGAN b. c1804, Co Clare, Ireland, d. 1891 near Penola, South Australia, m. Ann HARDY c1814-1872 [large family born in Ireland and Adelaide, South Australia; operated an Inn at Tarpeena (near Penola), South Australia in the 1860s];

  2. Margaret EGAN b. c1807, Co Clare, Ireland, m. James SEXTON [son Thomas SEXTON lived at "Greenwald Station" near Dartmoor in the 1860s];

  3. Bridget EGAN b. c1809, Co Clare, Ireland [appears to have married a John RYAN in Ireland and emigrated to NSW, John died in 1860, Brdget appears to have remarried a REED and died in Melbourne in 1891???];

  4. John Thompson EGAN b. c1811, Co Clare, Ireland, m1 Catherine BECKLEY, m2 Dinah Squire ROWE;

  5. Michael EGAN b. c1813, Co Clare, Ireland, m. Bridget CORCORAN [married in Ireland, chn in Ireland and Victoria, died Melbourne];

  6. Catherine EGAN b. c1819, Co Clare, Ireland, m Henry THOMASSON [married in Adelaide, chn at Coleraine, Victoria and South Australia];

  7. Mary Jane EGAN b. c1823, Co Clare, Ireland, m. Thomas Beardsworth CROMPTON [married at Coleraine, Victoria, chn in Victoria, moved to Queensland];

  8. Francis EGAN b. 1824, Co Clare, Ireland, d. 1874 "Greenwald Station", m. Mary ROGERS 1826-1912;

Thomas SEXTON b. c1831, Corofin, Co Clare, Ireland, son of James SEXTON and Margaret EGAN was married in 1865 at Greenwald Station, south of Hotspur, Victoria to Mildred Charlotte "Minnie" BOURNE b. 1833, Kent, England, daughter of James BOURNE and Martha Sophia NEWMAN.

Thomas and Minnie SEXTON moved to South Australia after 1874 and they both died in Adelaide.

Thomas SEXTON & Mildred Charlotte "Minnie" BOURNE had the following known family...

  1. Ellen Martha SEXTON b. 1866, Greenwald South, Vic, ........?;

  2. Margaret Mary SEXTON b. 1868, "Kent Brush" Station (reg. Digby), Vic, d. 1956, Adelaide, SA, m. Percival Henry EVANS 1869-1928;

  3. James Walter SEXTON b. 1870, Melbourne, Vic, d. 1941, Adelaide, South Australia, m. Edith May NEWELL 1879-___?;

  4. Mildred Frances SEXTON b. 1874, Melbourne, Vic, m. James STUART;

Daryl Povey

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