George SHAW c1825-1909 & Eliza McKAY c1839-1918

George SHAW b. 1825 Armagh, Ireland, son of Patrick SHAW and Mary WILSON, married 1869 Vic to Eliza McKAY b. 1839 Monaghan, Ireland, daughter of William McKAY and Hannah WILSON. This family lived in Melbourne and three of the sons became land owners near Digby and Grassdale in south western Victoria. They had the following children:

  1. Hannah SHAW b. 1870 d. 1870, Melbourne, Vic;
  2. Mary SHAW b. 1870, Melbourne, Vic;
  3. George SHAW b. 1871, Melbourne, Vic;
  4. William McKay SHAW b. 1872, Melbourne, Vic
    • WW1 1st AIF 26th ASC, 1st AIF. enlisted 24-03-1916
    • RTA, 21-12-1917
    • Digby Avenue of Honour Tree No 2, planyed by Mrs William McK SHAW
    • mar. Elsie Agnes McKENZIE
    • "Rifle Downs" Station near, Digby
  5. Patrick SHAW b. 1874, Melbourne, Vic;
  6. Eliza SHAW b. 1874, Melbourne, Vic;
  7. George SHAW b. 1874, Melbourne, Vic;
  8. Henry SHAW b. c1877, Melbourne, Vic;
  9. Alice SHAW b. 1878 d. 1878, Melbourne, Vic;
  10. Eva SHAW b. 1879, Melbourne, Vic;
  11. Gavin SHAW b. 1881 Melbourne, Vic, mar. Mary Jane TULLOCH;
    • "Pleasant Hills" Station, near Digby
  12. Herbert SHAW b. 1882, Melbourne, Vic, mar May McPHERSON;
    • "Kiama" Station, near Grassdale
  13. Charles Gordon SHAW b. 1885, Melbourne, Vic;
    • [Col., Surgeon 1st AIF, DSO]
  14. Margaret SHAW b. 1886, Melbourne, Vic.

William McKay SHAW purchased 'Rifle Downs' in 1895, served in the 1st AIF and has a tree in the Digby Avenue of Honour.

Gavin SHAW purchased 'Pleasant Hills' near Digby.

Herbert SHAW purchased 'Kiama' at Grassdale.

W. McK. SHAW was listed as a buyer on the list of original Digby town allotments.

W. McK. SHAW was listed as an early landowner on a Hotspur Parish map.

W. SHAW was listed as an early landowner on a Hotspur Parish map.

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