George SIMPSON c.1821-1909 & Rhoda WHITE c1822-1896

London, England; Digby & Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

George SIMPSON who appears to have been b. c1821, London, England, son of ___ SIMPSON and was married in 1848 in London, England to Rhoda WHITE b. c1822 London, England.

George SIMPSON appears to have arrived in Victoria in 1858 on the "James BROWNE" and his wife Rhoda and children, who were born in London appear to have arrived in 1860 on the "Melrose".

John Louis SIMPSON, the last child in the family was born at Merino and registered at Digby, Victoria in 1861.

George SIMPSON was recorded as a Saddler of Merino, aged 39y when his son John was born in 1861.

George SIMPSON died in 1909 in Melbourne following the death of his wife Rhoda in 1896.

George SIMPSON & Rhoda WHITE had the following known children...

  1. Duncan SIMPSON b. c.1849 London, England, m. Eva JONES from Sydney, NSW and they had a number of children in Melbourne, Merino and Horsham.

  2. Francis SIMPSON b. c1850 London, England, d. 1877, Vic;

  3. Walter SIMPSON b. c.1852 London, England, m. Ada RILEY from Bendigo and they had a number of children born in Melbourne..

  4. Frederick SIMPSON b. c.1854 London, England, d. 1874, Vic;

  5. Stanley SIMPSON b. c.1857 London, England, m. Julia Janet Alice JAMES and they had a number of children born in Melbourne.

  6. John Lewis SIMPSON b. 1861 Digby, Vic, m. Grace Rose WHITING.

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