George SINEL 1826-1915
Marion McPHEE 1826-1897

Jersey, UK; Isle of Skye, Scotland; Drik Drik, S-W Victoria, Australia

George SINEL b. 1826 Jersey, Channel Islands, son of Jean / John SINEL and Elizabeth MALLETT married in 1851 at the Wannon River, Vic to Marion "Sarah" McPHEE b. 1826 Isle of Skye, Invernes-shire, Scotland, daughter of Malcolm McPHEE and Catherine McLEOD.

George SINEL was convicted of robbery in 1846 on Jersey and sentenced to transportation for 7 years. He was transported to Port Phillip (Victoria) in 1849.

George SINEL and Marion McPHEE appear to have had the following family:

  1. John SINEL b. & d. 1852, S-W Victoria;
  2. John SINEL b. 1856, S-W Victoria, d. 1860, Dartmoor, S-W Victoria;
  3. William SINEL b. 1859, Woo___, Vic, d. 1859;
  4. Isabella SINEL b. 1861, "Kaladbro" Station, Strathdownie, S-W Victoria, m. Richard Lewis REID 186-1935;
  5. Jane SINEL b. 1866, Mt Gambier, SA, d. 1956, Adelaide, SA, m. Duncan Donald NEWLAND 1862-1933;
  6. John SINEL b. c1868, d. 1950, Millicent, SA, m. Margaret Liston LINN 1876-1917;

Daryl Povey

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