Charles SMITH 1829-1908 & Thomas SMITH 1830_?

The ship 'Eliza' brought two SMITH families to Portland in 1853 - Charles SMITH, his wife Mary Ann BARKER and daughter Susan as well as Thomas SMITH and wife Susan. All were from Cambridgeshire and it would appear that Charles and Thomas could have been brothers.

Charles was engaged by J.P. YOUNG of Glenorchy and Thomas was engaged by Henry MUNRO of Crawford Station at Hotspur.

Charles SMITH 1829-1908 & Mary Ann BARKER 1827-1887

Charles SMITH b. 1829 Cambridgeshire, England married 1848 Cambridgeshire, England to Mary Ann BARKER b. 1827 Cambridgeshire, England.

Charles SMITH was a member of the Digby Ancient Order of Foresters from 1872-1884.

Charles SMITH died at Nhill in 1908 and his wife Mary Ann had previously died at Nhill in 1887.

Charles SMITH & Mary Ann BARKERhad the following known children:

  1. Emily SMITH b. 1848, Cambridgeshire, Eng, d. at sea;
  2. Susan SMITH b. 1850, Cambridgeshire, Eng, mar. John McLEOD;
  3. William SMITH b. 1854;
  4. Elizabeth SMITH b. 1857 Digby, Vic, m. James YOUNG;
  5. Alfred SMITH b. 1859 Merino, Vic, m. Julia WHEELER;
  6. John SMITH b. 1862 Mortlake, Vic;
  7. Charles SMITH b. 1864 Merino d. 1866;
  8. Mary SMITH b. 1864 Merino, Vic, m. Charles WOOLARD;
  9. Emily SMITH b. 1867 Merino, Vic, m. William BOND.

Thomas SMITH 1830-? & Susan ____ 1832-?

Thomas SMITH b. c1830 Cambridgeshire, England married in England to Susan b. c1832 Cambridgeshire, England and they were engaged in 1853 by Henry MONRO of Crawford Station at Hotspur

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