Charles Ansell SMITH 1861-1934 & Helen Malvena McKENZIE 1865-1956

Digby & Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Charles Ansell SMITH, born 1861, Somersetshire, England, son of William Maxwell SMITH and Louise ANSELL was Station Manager at "Rifle Downs Station" near Digby in the 1890's. He was married in 1891 to Helen Malvena McKENZIE, b. 1864 Bendigo, Victoria, daughter of John McKENZIE and Rebecca Hare PASCO.

Helen Malvena McKENZIE was a gt grandaughter of Lt John PASCO, who served on NELSON's ship in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

Charles Ansell SMITH & Helen Malvena McKENZIE had the following known family...

  1. Kenneth Ansell SMITH b. 1892, Northcote, Victoria, d. 1977, Lancefield, Victoria, m Maud GODDARD c1895-1979;
    • born Melbourne, christened at Digby Sep 1892
    • enlisted in the AIF in 1914 from Surrey Hills, Melbourne
    • landed Anzac Cove, 25th Apr 1915, 8th Battalion, AIF
    • served in France with 8th Battalion & 2nd Machine Gun Battalion
    • twice WIA but returned to his unit
    • RTA in Dec 1918
    • lived at Lancefield, Victoria

  2. Louisa Dorothy SMITH b. 1894, Digby, Victoria, ..............?;

  3. Harold Pasco Maxwell SMITH b. 1897, Murrumbena, Victoria, KIA 4 Oct 1917, Passchendaele Ridge, Ypres, Belgium;
    • Clerk when he enlisted in the AIF in 1915
    • served with the 24th & 8th Battalions AIF in Egypt & France
    • arrived in France with the 8th Battalion, AIF in March, 1916
    • KIA while serving with 8th Battalion, AIF

  4. Francis William SMITH b. 1898, East Melbourne, Victoria, d. 1972, Prahran, Victoria;

  5. Roy McKenzie SMITH b. 1901, Lancefield, Victoria, .........?;

  6. Stanley Charles SMITH b. 1903, Carlton, Victoria, .........?

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