James SMITH 1833-1914 & Margaret McMAHON 1840-1897

England, Hotspur, Sandford & Apsley, Victoria, Australia

James SMITH b. 1833 Chipenham, Wiltshire, England, son of Charles SMITH and Charlotte HATHERALL was married in 1856 at Hotspur, Victoria to Margaret McMAHON b. 1840 Ireland, daughter of Patrick McMAHON and Julia CUMMINS.

Jane McMAHON, who married Henry RULE in 1854 was a sister of Margaret and also lived at Hotspur in the 1850s.

The family moved north from Hotspur to Sandford and later setttled at Apsley, north-west of Casterton.

OBITUARY - West Wimmera Mail - July 17, 1914
On Sunday week another old pioneer, in the person of Mr. James SMITH, of Apsley, passed peacefully away into the Great Beyond after fighting life's battles for 81 years. He was born in Chippenham, in Wiltshire, but possessed of a desire to see something of the world, and after a few years on his native heath, he set out for Australia in 1852, on the schooner Ugiauah. Once in the Sunny South he set to work to make his fortune, and put in a couple of years at Munro's Station. The adventuresome spirit again became predominant, and in 1854 he went to try his luck at the diggings, but left them later and took on wool carrying on the Portland road. Sandford was his next home, and after a few years there he went to Apsley in 1880, where he finally settled down.

James SMITH & Margaret McMAHON had the following known family...

  1. Johanna Margaret SMITH b. 1856, Hotspur, Vic, m. Henry John STEVENS and had chn at Edenhope.;

  2. Edward SMITH b. 1858 Hotspur, Vic, d. 1921 Apsley, Vic;

  3. James SMITH b. 1861, d. 1941 Edenhope, Vic;

  4. Charles SMITH b. 1864, Casterton, Vic, d. 1920 Apsley, Vic;

  5. Mary Ann SMITH b. c1870, d. 1927 Edenhope.

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