John SMITH abt1820-? & Mary ____ abt 1820-?

Three children were christened at Digby in 1855 to a John & Mary SMITH but other information is unavailable on this family. The children christened at Digby in 1855 were::

  1. Rosanna SMITH b. 1853;
  2. Thomas SMITH b. 1855;
  3. George SMITH b. 1855.

John SMITH 1821-1898 & Mary Ann SULLIVAN 1825-1918

Cape Bridgewater, S-W Victoria, Australia

It is possible that the three children above who were christened at Digby in 1855 to a John & Mary SMITH may be a part of the following family of John SMITH and Mary Ann SULLIVAN who married in 1844 at St Francis Church, Melbourne, Victoria. They appear to have had the following family most of whom were born in south west Victoria. This John SMITH and Mary Ann SULLIVAN farmed at Mount Richmond, near the Bridgewater Lakes. They died and were buried at Cape Bridgewater cemetery, near Portland.

John SMITH & Mary Ann SULLIVAN appear to have had the following children....

  1. Elizabeth SMITH b. 1845, Melbourne, Vic...........?;
  2. Rosanna SMITH b. 1847, Melbourne, Vic...........?;
  3. John SMITH b. 1849, Vic., d. 1929, Horsham, Vic. (of Goroke);
  4. George SMITH b. 1852, Glenelg River, Vic, d. 1918 Portland, Vic;
  5. Mary Ann SMITH b. 1854, Portland, Vic..........?;
  6. Ellen SMITH b. 1857, Portland, Vic.............?;
  7. James SMITH b. 1859, Bridgewater, Portland, Vic, d. 1925, Portland, m. Ellen Louisa HUTCHINSON 1887-1938 (of Mount Richmond & Gorae near Portland);
  8. Alice SMITH b. 1862, Bridgewater, Portland, Vic........?;
  9. Margaret SMITH b. 1865, Bridgewater, Portland, Vic.......?;
  10. Rosa Catherine SMITH b. 1867, Portland, Vic, d. 1926, Warragul, Vic.

Daryl Povey

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