Donald STEWART (c 1823-?), Ann STEWART (c1828-?), Mary STEWART (c1831-?), Elspeth STEWART (1835-?)

Donald STEWART, b. c1823, Isle of Skye and three sisters, Ann, Mary and Elspeth arrived at Portland on the "New Zealander" in 1853. Donald was employed by Henry MONRO of Crawford Station at a rate of 45 pounds with rations for a period of twelve months in December 1853.

The disposal list from the "New Zealander" indicated that his sister, Mary STEWART, domestic servant (aged 22 or 32) went with her brother in December 1853.

A second sister Ann CLAPPERTON (widow, nee STEWART), servant, aged 25, along with her daughter Margaret was employed by Mr DAHL of Portland at a rate of 20 pounds for six months.

It appears that Elspeth STEWART, aged 18, Domestic Servant was also on board and also went to Crawford Station with her brother Donald.

No further information available on this family at this time.

Daryl Povey

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