Thomas STOLLERY 1801-1875 & Elizabeth Ann WILSON 1833-1883 Digby, Heywood & Portland, Victoria, Australia

Thomas STOLLERY, b. 1801 Suffolk, England, son of Samuel STOLLERY and Mary BROWN and Elizabeth Ann WILSON dau of ___ WIOLSON and Eliza Ann ___, b. ca 1833 were married in Portland, Victoria in 1851.

A Thomas STOLLERY was transported as convict from Portsmouth on the "Stakesby" 22 May 1833 and arrived Hobart Town on 4 Sep 1833. This MAY be the same Thomas STOLLERY.

Thomas STOLLERY appears to have died at Heywood in 1875 and his widow, Mary Ann at Portland in 1883.

Thomas STOLLERY & Eliza WILSON appear to have the following family, one of whom was christened in the Digby Church of England in 1852:

  1. Jane STOLLERY b. 1852, Portland, Vic, m. Edward DUNNE and they had children in SA.;

  2. Sarah Ann STOLLERY b. abt 1855, Vic, m. William CROSS;

  3. Thomas STOLLERY b. 1857, Portland, Vic, m. Elizabeth Sarah FIELD;
    1. Rolland Thomas STOLLERY, b. 1903, Heywood, Vic. d. 1963

  4. Catherine Mary (Cecelia ?) STOLLERY b. 1859, Portland, Vic, m. George PARTINGTON;

Daryl Povey

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