Frederick STRAUBE & Antonie BIRKNER

Frederick STRAUBE b. 1831 Prussia, Germany was married in 1857 in Melbourne, Vic to Antonie BIRCKNER b. 1832 Prussia, Germany and they had the following known children:

  1. Louisa Mary STRAUBE b. 1857;
  2. Maria Augusta STRAUBE b. 1858 Bulleen Vic, mar. ? GROOM;
  3. Paul Frederick STRAUBE b. 1858;
  4. Elizabeth STRAUBE b. 1860;
  5. Frederick STRAUBE b. 1861;
  6. John Hugo STRAUBE b. 1864, Mt Gambier, SA, mar. Alice Ida EARL;
  7. William Anton STRAUBE b. 1868 Digby, Vic.

Daryl Povey

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