David Henry STYLES c1839-1914 & Elizabeth Marjory JOYCE c1851-1919

David Henry STYLES b. New York, USA ca 1839, married in 1870, Victoria to Elizabeth Marjery JOYCE, b. ca 1851 Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Eng, dau of John JOYCE and Elizabeth GRAHAM and they appeared to have the following family:

  1. Sarah Ann STYLES b. 1871, Warrnambool, Vic, d. 1873;
  2. Charles STYLES b. 1873, Vic;
  3. William Henry STYLES b. 1875, Warrnambool, Vic;
  4. Frances Matilda STYLES b. 1877, Warrnambool, b. 1916, Hamilton, Vic;
  5. Sarah Jane STYLES b. 1878, Warrnambool, Vic, d. 1879;
  6. Elizabeth Marjory STYLES b. 1880, Mt Rouse, Vic, mar George Allan McLEAN;
  7. Mary Jane STYLES b. 1884;
  8. John STYLES b. 1885, Mt Rouse, Vic;
  9. Lucy May STYLES b. 1887, Mt Rouse, Vic;
  10. Caroline STYLES b. 1890;
  11. David STYLES b. 1891, Penshurst, Vic, d. 1978
    • WW1, 1st AIF, 8th Battalion, enlisted 6-01-1916
    • RTA 20-11-1918
    • Digby Avenue of Honour Tree No 76, planted by Mr C STYLES

Daryl Povey

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