Joseph TOWNSEND 1826-1890 & Victoria HITCHCOCK 1839-1912

Staffordshire; Wiltshire; Digby, S-W Victoria, Australia

Joseph TOWNSEND b. 1826 Staffordshire, England, son of Charles TOWNSEND and Elizabeth CLARKE was married in 1857 at Portland, Vic. to Victoria HITCHCOCK b. 1839 Wiltshire, England, daughter of Robert HITCHCOCK and Sarah SCHOLES.

Joseph TOWNSEND, aged 28y, appears to have arrived in Victoria in Jul 1853 on the ship "Earl of Charlemont". On the same ship appears to have been his bother Henry TOWNSEND aged 24y, who set up as a Dispensing Chemist in Digby and died there in 1857.

Joseph TOWNSEND was a farmer, contractor & labourer at Digby for many years. He died in Casterton in 1890 and is buried in its old cemetery. His widow Victoria died in melbourne in 1912.

Joseph TOWNSEND & Victoria HITCHCOCK had the following children:

  1. male TOWNSEND b. 1864 Digby, Vic d. 1864;
  2. Sarah Elizabeth Josephine TOWNSEND b. 1868 Collingwood, Vic, mar. Thomas ASTON.

Joseph TOWNSEND, farmer, was a member of the first Digby Common School Committee which opened in 1864.

Joseph TOWNSEND was a land owner at Digby.

J. and E. M. were on the buyers list of original Digby town allotments.

Daryl Povey

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