Walter Thomas TRELOAR 1864-1928 & Emily KING 1861-1927

Condah & Hotspur, Victoria, Australia

Walter Thomas TRELOAR b. 1864 Myamyn, Victoria, son of John TRELOAR and Elizabeth Julia HODGES married in 1887, Victoria to Emily KING b. 1861, Crawford River, daughter of William KING and Ellen NUGENT and they had the following children:

  1. Albert 'Bertie' TRELOAR b. 1888, Hotspur, Vic, d. 1968:
  2. Leslie TRELOAR b. 1889, Hotspur, Vic, d. 1917 Belgium
  3. Claud Hamilton TRELOAR b. 1890, Myamyn, Vic, m. Daphne Jane POLLOCK;
  4. Amy TRELOAR b. 1895, Hotspur, Vic, m1 George William COOPER, m2 ___ SINCLAIR;
  5. Isla Veronica TRELOAR b. 1900, Hotspur, Vic, m. Percy Edward ROWE.

Alfred Ernest TRELOAR 1869-1941 & Jane DAY 1878-1943

Condah, Hotspur, Sandford & Casterton, Victoria, Australia

Alfred Ernest TRELOAR b.1869 Branxholme, Victoria, son of John TRELOAR and Elizabeth Julia HODGES married 1895 Victoria to Jane DAY b. c1878, daughter of William Hopley DAY and Elizabeth KING, and they had the following children:

  1. Percy TRELOAR b. 1896, Hotspur, Vic, d. 1967, Casterton, Vic.;
  2. Jane TRELOAR b. 1897, d. 1897, Hotspur, Vic.;
  3. Ernest TRELOAR b. 1898, d. 1898, Hotspur, Vic.;
  4. Arthur TRELOAR b. 1899, Condah, Vic, m. Flora ____, chn at Coleraine.;
  5. Elizabeth Julianne TRELOAR b. 1901, Condah, Vic, d. Ballarat, m. .....? BEAMES;
  6. Elsie May TRELOAR b. 1904, Hotspur, Vic.
  7. Ruby Mary TRELOAR b. 1908, Condah, Vic, m. James Joseph TURLEY.
  8. Ernest John TRELOAR b. 1912, Harrow, Vic, d. Coleraine.

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