James TROTTER (1835-1910) & Margaret HALPIN (1836-1867)

James TROTTER, b. 1835 Armagh, Ireland was married in 1858 at Portland to Margaret HALPIN b. 1836 Co Clare, Ireland. Margaret died in 1867 after the birth of six children at Grassdale, Tahara & Byaduk:

  1. Elizabeth TROTTER b. 1859, m. Thomas ROSS;
  2. Ann TROTTER b.1861, Tahara, Vic, d. 1864;
  3. Richard TROTTER b. 1862, Grassdale (Digby), Vic;
  4. Thomas TROTTER b. 1864 Byambynee, m. Jane O'FLAHERTY;
  5. Ann TROTTER b. 1865, Macarthur, Vic, m. Robert COLLIS
  6. Catherine TROTTER b. 1867 Macarthur, Vic, d. 1867;

James TROTTER (1835-1910) & Mary Jane HAMPTON (nee BURNS) (1846-1912)

After the death of his first wife in 1867, James TROTTER married in 1869 at Hamilton to Mary Jane HAMPTON (nee BURNS) b. 1846 Liverpool, England and they had the following children:

  1. Catherine TROTTER b. 1868, Macarthur, d. 1869;
  2. Ellen Catherine TROTTER b.1869, Macarthur;
  3. John Henry TROTTER b. 1871, Macarthur, m. Rose Ann DALY;
  4. Margaret Jane TROTTER b. 1873 Macarthur, m. William Robert WYLIE;
  5. James TROTTER b. 1874, Macarthur, d. 1897;
  6. William Francis TROTTER b. 1876 Branxholme;
  7. Flora Catherine TROTTER b. 1877, Byaduk, m. James CORCORAN;
  8. Ada Mary Ann TROTTER b. 1879, Byaduk, m. Joseph Ernest DREDGE;
  9. Hugh George TROTTER b. 1880, Byaduk, m. Alice Gertrude BEWSHER;
  10. Henry Norman TROTTER b. 1881, Byaduk, m. Catherine LEE;
  11. William Leslie TROTTER b. 1883, Macarthur, m. Charlotte Louisa FINN;
  12. Rose Helen TROTTER b. 1884, Macarthur, m. Joseph Arhur HARRIS;
  13. Robert Gordon TROTTER b. 1886, Macarthur, d. 1886;
  14. Albert Leo TROTTER b. 1888, Macarthur, m. Kitty FLOWER;
  15. Charles Frederick TROTTER b. 1891, Hamilton, m. Mary Frances SAUNDERS;

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