Joseph VALLENDER 1834-1911 & Sarah NICHOLLS 1840-1876

Joseph VALLENDER (1834-1911), labourer from Grassdale, near Digby in 1862 and his wife Sarah Aramida NICHOLLS (1840-1876) had two children born near and christened at Digby in the 1860's.

Joseph and Sarah VALLENDER married in Gloucestershire, England in 1861, sailed to Australia in October 1861 on the "Great Tasmania" and then returned to England sometime after 1863. Joseph VALLENDER and daughter Florence were located in Churcham, Gloucestershire on the 1881 Census where the census and other information indicated that Joseph's wife Sarah died in 1876 and the Joseph was a 47 year old Municipal Sanitary Inspector and more children had been born after they returned from Australia. Florence was listed as a 17 year old housekeeper, living at home with her father and siblings. Josepg died in 1911 in Cardiff, Wales.

Joseph & Sarah VALLENDER's known children are:

  1. Arthur Bruce VALLENDER, b. 1862, Digby, Vic, m. Annie Isobel DAVIES;
  2. Florence Adelaide VALLENDER, b. 1863, Grassdale (near Digby), Vic;
  3. Blanche Annie VALLENDER, b. 1866, Churcham, GLS, Eng;
  4. Joseph Clinton VALLENDER, b. 1868, Churcham, GLS, Eng, m. Rose WILD;
  5. Ernest VALLENDER, b. 1870, Churcham, GLS, Eng;
  6. Ethel Maud VALLENDER, b. 1871 Westbury-on-Severn, GLS, Eng;
  7. Ida Sarah VALLENDER, b. 1874, Churcham, GLS, Eng;
  8. Herbert William VALLENDER, b. 1874, CHURCHAM, GLS, Eng, m. Margaret LEESE.

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