William WADE 1835-1916
Mary Cecil HARDINGE 1840-1910

VDL (Tasmania) ; Malmsbury, Woodford (Warrnambool) and Digby, Victoria, Australia
Head teacher at Digby State School 1876-1890

William WADE 1835-1916, b. New Zealand, son of Rev. William Richard WADE 1802-1891 and Sarah GORRINGE 1812-1893. He was married in 1862 at Hobart, Tasmania to Mary Cecil HARDINGE 1840-1910, b. Hobart Town, VDL (Tasmania), daughter of Stephen Tunbridge HARDINGE and Mary Zilpah KING.

  • William WADE head teacher at Woodford State School, near Warrnambool, Victoria 1870-1876
  • William WADE head teacher at Digby State School, S-W Victoria 1876-1890
    "The Hamilton Spectator" (Vic.) Saturday, 21st October 1876.
    DIGBY.--We understand that State School No. 191 at Digby has now been placed in charge of Mr. W. Wade, formerly headteacher at the Woodford school. We have seen a very flattering address from the parents of children attending the Woodford school, presented to Mr. Wade with a purse of sovereigns, on his leaving Woodford after six and a-half years' conduct of that school, and we have no doubt that the Digby school will flourish under his care. We believe Mr. Dempster will be transferred from Digby to some other locality, but we have not heard where.
  • Sarah, wife of WADE died in Melbourne, Victoria in 1910, buried in the Brighton cemetery
  • William WADE died in Melbourne, Victoria in 1916, buried in the Brighton cemetery

William WADE and Mary Cecil HARDINGE had the following family, most of whom attended the Digby State School where their father was head teacher 1876-1890...

  1. William Richard WADE 1863-...?..., b. Dean, near Creswick, Victoria; and ...?...
  2. Percy Jarrett WADE 1864-1932, b. Fitzroy, Victoria; d. Sydney, NSW; m. 1901 to Constance Colombia DAVENHILL... 5 children.
  3. Mary Frances Gorringe WADE 1866-1945, b. Malmesbury, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m.1 in 1896 to Henry Edward STOKES c.1853-1910; m.2 in 1915 to Charles Somerville JACK c.1864-1923.
  4. Aubry Cecil WADE 1868-1868, b. Malmsbury, Victoria; d. Malmsbury, Victoria;
  5. Herbert Cecil WADE 1869-1948, b. Malmsbury, Victoria; d. Sydney, NSW ; m. 1896 to Sarah Elizabeth LIEVESLEY c.1870-1969, b. England to William LIEVESLEY and Emma SCOTT, d. Melbourne, Victoria.
  6. Edith Elizabeth Theodore WADE 1871-1947, b. Woodford, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria.
  7. Florence Amy WADE 1873-1966, b. Woodford, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria
  8. Frederick Henry WADE b. 1874, Woodford, Victoria;
  9. Rev. Arthur Leslie WADE M.A., B.D. 1876-1970, b. Woodford, Victoria; d. Sydney, NSW; m. 1910 to Bessie Maud HOLMES 1879-1967, b. Melbourne, Victoria to John Pattison HOLMES and Cecilia Lucy WOODFULL; d. Sydney, NSW;
  10. Rev. Eustace Vernon WADE B.A., B.D. 1877-1967, b. Digby, S-W Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. Marcia Forster MORRIS 1881-1934, b. Melbourne, Victoria to William Edward MORRIS and Clara Elizabeth FRENCH; d. Melbourne, Victoria;
  11. Winifred Blanche WADE 1879-1911, b. Digby, S-W Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria;
  12. Miriam Irene "Vera" WADE 1884-1966, b. Digby, S-W Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria.

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