Philip Edmund WADLEY ~1820-1901 & Mary ELLIS 1830-1877

Captain Philip Edmund WADLEY, a master mariner from London and his wife Mary ELLIS had one of their children born at Digby in 1859 and christened at Digby in 1860.

Edmund WADLEY of Portland, purchased the "Sandford Hotel" from Mr WALKER in 1857.

Edmund WADLEY had the "Woolpack Inn" at Digby in 1859.

Edmund WADLEY had the "Commercial Hotel" at Hamilton in 1862-63.

The family moved to Sydney, NSW after 1863

Philip Edmund WADLEY & Mary ELLIS had the following known family....

  1. Phillip John Thomas WADLEY b. 1857, Portland, Vic;
  2. Mary Ann Margaret WADLEY b. 1859, Digby, Vic;
  3. Hamilton WADLEY b. 1864, Emerald Hill, Melbourne, Vic.

Daryl Povey

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