James WEATHERLEY 1843-1914 & Frances WILSON 1846-1877

James WEATHERLEY b. ca 1843, Berwicksire, Sct son of James WEATHERLEY and Agnes KINGHORN was first married to Francis WILSON in 1876. Two of their daughters were christened at Digby in the 1880's. Frances died and James then married her sister Jane WILSON in 1878. Jane died at Marnoo in 1905 and James died at Ararat in 1914.

  1. Agnes Millicent WEATHERLEY b. 1877, Cavendish, Vic.

James WEATHERLEY 1843-1914 & Jane WILSON 1844-1905

  1. Eloise Florence WEATHERLEY b. 1881, Branxholme, Vic,;
  2. Frances WEATHERLEY b. 1882, Branxholme, Vic;
  3. Mary Anna Marjory WEATHERLEY b. 1884, Branxholme, Vic;
  4. Isabella Grace Harriet WEATHERLEY b. 1887, Branxholme, Vic;

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