James WORGAN 1832-1903 & Johanna QUAID 1829-1898

Digby & Hotspur, Victoria, Australia

James WORGAN b.1832 Gloucestershire, England was married in 1859 at Coleraine, Vic to Johanna LARTUR / QUAID b. 1829 Limerick, Ireland, dau of Thomas QUAID and Mary CLAY.

Jane arrived at Portland with her sister Bridget QUAID on the "New Zealander" in 1853. Bridget married a Robert JENNINGS in 1854 and they had a family in Portland, Vic and Kingston in South Australia.

James WORGAN appears to have been transported as a convict to Van Diemen's Land in 1843 on the "Earl Grey".

Johanna married James WORGAN under the name LARTUR but her children were all born with their mother's names listed as QUAID which indicates that she was a widow LARTUR when she married James WORGAN.

James and Johanna appear to have moved to South Australia, but a number of their children have been difficult to locate.

Johanna WORGAN died at Penola, SA in 1898 and James WORGAN died at Hamilton, Victoria in 1903.

James WORGAN & Johanna QUAID had the following known children:

  1. Ann WORGAN b. 1859 Portland, Vic, ...............?;
  2. Eliza WORGAN b. 1861 Digby, Vic, m. 1890, Penola, SA to Patrick Joseph MADIGAN;
  3. Bridget WORGAN b. 1864, _____, .............?,
  4. Thomas John WORGAN b. 1864, _____, m. Flora McRAE;
  5. Ellen WORGAN b. 1869 Edenhope, Vic, ...............?;
  6. Jane WORGAN b. 1870 Edenhope, Vic, .................?

Daryl Povey

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