Samuel Evans YOUNG c.1821-1907
Margaret WALSH 1817-1918

Ireland; Van Diemen's Land; "Grassdale" Station, Digby and Tahara, S-W Victoria, Australia

Samuel Evans YOUNG c.1821-1907, b. ...?... to Edward Evans YOUNG and Rachel BLANCH was married in 1844 at Launceston, VDL (Tasmania) to Margaret WALSH 1817-1918, b. Co Cork, Ireland to John WALSH and ...?... Two sons Edward and Samuel were born at Launceston and it appears they family had moved to Port Bay in the new colony of Port Phillip by 1847.

"Black Thursday" : 6th February 1851.
In 1851 Samuel was recorded as a shepherd employed by John COLDHAM on "Grassdale" Station near Emu Creek (Digby), S-W Port Phillip District where they experienced the fury of the "Black Thursday" fires on 6th February 1851 as recorded in a story told by Mrs Samuel Evans YOUNG...

"The Portland Guardian" (Vic.) Monday, 7th August 1933.
This little story was told to me by Mrs. Young. You have all heard of Black Thursday, on February 6th, in the year 1851, when nearly the whole of Victoria from the Murray to the sea was on fire. In the Western District on a station employed as a shepherd was a Mr. Young with his wife and two boys, who resided in a little two-roomed hut. Mrs. Young was a smart energetic woman and particularly clean and neat. Her little house was spick and span and everything shining. She not alone cleaned inside her house, but she had a ti-tree broom and used to sweep all round her little hut. She used her broom with such good effect that there was not a leaf or blade of grass for half a chain round her hut. Their employer, Mr. Coldham, used to tease the little lady that she would have all the grass swept off the paddock. Well, the morning of Black Thursday dawned, so called because it got so black with smoke one could not see half a chain away. The sky looked crimson and the heat, as the day went on, became terrific. There was a strong north wind blowing all day. Everyone knew there must be a terrific fire not far away, so everyone made what preparation they could. Towards midday the heat was like a furnace, and birds and kangaroos and wallabies were flying and rushing south. Mr. Coldhram arrived at Mrs. Young's hut in great haste, on his horse, a big, strong grey, named General, covered with foam. He called out to Mrs. Young that the fire was quite near to the hut, and to put some food together quickly, and he himself pulled the double blanket off her bed and lifted the two boys on General, and told Mrs. Young to sit behind him and hold on tight. So away they rode to the Miakite Creek. Mr. Coldham dipped the blanket in the water, and the four of them sat on General's back with the wet blanket spread all over them. The fire came like a tidal wave, burning leaves and ferns scattering all over them. It blew over the creek and went on its way of destruction. They sat there in the creek for hours till it was safe to leave. Old General and the wet blanket had preserved their lives. They rode across the burnt paddock, and what was their joy to see the little hut quite safe from harm. As there were no trees near it, amd the grass all being swept away around it, the fire had passed on and never touched it. Mrs. Young lived to be 104 years of age. Her grandson and family reside in Portland.
NOTE : Mrs. J. ROBSON was Mrs. Janetta "Jessie" ROBSON 1866-1948, nee McKENZIE, of "The Glen" Grassdale, near Digby, Victoria.

J. R. YOUNG was listed as an early landowner on the Hotspur Parish map.

Samuel E. YOUNG was listed as an early landowner on the Hotspur Parish map.

Samuel Evans YOUNG and Margaret WALSH had a family of 2 sons...

  1. Edward Evans YOUNG c.1844-1919, b. Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania), Australia to Samuel Evans YOUNG and Margaret WALSH, d. Hamilton, S-W Victoria; married in 1876 at Branxholme, Victoria to Alice BEST 1847-1903, b. Belfast (Port Fairy), S-W Port Phillip to Thomas BEST and Alice MAGUIRE, d. Hamilton, S-W Victoria, and had the following family...
    1. Edward Henry Evans YOUNG 1879-1890, b. Tahara, S-W Victoria, d. Tahara, S-W Victoria;
    2. Beatrice Emily Blanche YOUNG 1882-1916, b. Tahara, S-W Victoria, d. Colac, Victoria, m. Neil McDONALD 1872-1941, b. Branxholme, Victoria to Malcolm McDONALD and Colina McINTYRE, d. Hamilton, Victoria;
    3. Margaret Alice "Maggie" YOUNG 1885-1892, b. Branxholme, S-W Victoria, d. Hamilton, S-W Victoria;
    4. John Hamilton Franklin YOUNG 1885-1949, b. Tahara, S-W Victoria, d. Hamilton, S-W Victoria, m. Ada Mary RHOOK 1885-1964, b. Port Fairy, Victoria, d. Portland, S-W Victoria;

  2. Samuel Evans YOUNG 1846-1925, b. Launceston, Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania), Australia to Samuel Evans YOUNG and Margaret WALSH was married in 1873 at Portland, Victoria to Sarah Jane SEDGWICK c.1854-1905, b. Manchester, Lancashire, England to George SEDGWICK and Elizabeth Hannah LAMBERT. He was a sheep farmer of Tahara and later at "Honeysuckle Park" Grassdale, near Digby, S-W Victoria. They had the following family...
    1. Samuel Edward YOUNG 1874-1950, b. Portland, S-W Victoria, d. Hamilton, S-W Victoria, m. Stella Ada Mary HEEPS 1882-1955;
    2. John Henry Alfred YOUNG b. 1877, Digby, Vic, d. 1959, Hamilton, S-W Vic., m. Ernestine Mabel HARMAN 1877-1955;
    3. George Lambert YOUNG b. 1879, Digby, Vic, d. 1942, Wando Vale, S-W Vic., m. Jane LANE 1889-1974, Allotment 4, Section VI & Allotment 11, Section V, Parish of Wando, 1900, Wando Vale Closer Settlement Scheme.
    4. Francis Russell YOUNG b. 1881, Digby, Vic, d. 1976, Hamilton, S-W Vic., m. Margaret Mary GLEESON 1887-1954;
    5. Sydney Leslie YOUNG b. 1884, Digby, Vic, d. 1950, Melbourne, Vic., m. Agnes Mary MUNRO 1892-1984;
    6. William Sedgwick YOUNG b. 1886, Digby, Vic, d. 1954, Portland, S-W Vic., m. Laura Mary Maud Margaret NEAVE 1886-1968;
    7. Vera May YOUNG b. 1890, Digby, Vic, d. 1958, Melbourne, Vic., m. Thomas Joseph GLEESON 1885-1968.

    Samuel YOUNG's first wife Sarah died in Melbourne 1905 and was buried in the Digby cemetery. He married again in 1907 to Elizabeth Ann POVEY 1859-1923, of Digby, daughter of the late Joseph POVEY and Ann LIVINGSTON.

    Samuel YOUNG died in Portland in 1925 after his second wife Elizabeth had died at Hamilton, S-W Victoria in 1923, and they are both buried in the Digby Cemetery.

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