Digby District Pioneers & History

Pioneers and Local History from the Glenelg & Wannon Region of south-west Victoria.

Digby 'First Families'

Digby History Timeline

WW1 Soldiers' Avenue

Old Photo's (Burgess family)

Digby Streetscape 1921
A.O.F. Hall
Burgess Sawmill (photo)
Burgess 'Nat & Annie'
Cambridge Cottage (John Simkin)
Cemetery & Burials
Digby Hotel 1856-1935
Digby S.S. 2047
Digby South S.S. 2047
Football Team 1923/24
Morven School 3826
Pastoral Runs
Photographs (unidentified)
St John's C.of.E. Church
Town Map & Buildings
Woolpack Inn 1843-1887
WW1 Digby Soldiers' Avenue
WW1 Glenorchy Soldier Settlers

Welcome to a little of the history of the rural hamlet of Digby on the Emu Creek (Stokes River) and a few of its pioneers in South Western Victoria, Australia.

Digby ca 1858
Digby c1858
Ottey's Store (centre), Woolpack Inn (lower right), Digby Hotel (top right)
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Mattew Townsend, Digby Postmaster
Matthew Townsend (1832-1918)
Postmaster & Storekeeper from Kirtling, Cambridgeshire, UK
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