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[updated 4 Jan 2002]

WEST WIMMERA MAIL - Friday March 20, 1896

"Professor" DAVIS, the cancer specialist, who was recently accused of improper treatment in the case of the late Mrs CURRIE is again in trouble over a Mrs JUDD several medical men having sworn that the treatment of DAVIS hastened the death of Mrs JUDD.

The Rev. Father MacGUINESS, of Moree, admonished a boy who had stayed away from one mass with three saddle straps. The bench remarked that no clergyman has any right to correct his congregation for staying away from church and fined the priest 2 pound and costs.

Mr. E. J. BROUGHTON, of Lemon Springs, is reported to have had some excellent fishing last week at Lake Charlegark, near his homestead. On the 6th 7th and 8th of March, he hooked respectively 52, 48 and 56 perch, fishing about an hour each day, and they averaged about one pound weight each.---Spectator.

A few weeks ago Mr James BODEY, junr, whilst riding across the Green Lake picked up a gun which Mr Sam JEFFERY had lost there when nearly drowned five years ago. The gun is in a wonderful state of preservation and with very little attention can be made fit for use-----Times

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of C W ANDREWS, sanitary collector to the Benalla Shire, against whom additional charges of fraud have been made, and who has gone to Western Australia. His defalcations are alleged to total 115 pounds.

George BENCE of Anderson and Bence, of Bacchus Marsh, has been fined 2 pound and cost for selling Toxa Rabbit poison, which really is a preparation of apple pulp and strychnine made up to look like jam. The prosecution was conducted by the Pharmacy Board, under the sale of poisons act.

WEST WIMMERA MAIL - Friday August 28, 1896

At the local petty session court on Wednesday, before Messrs. J. ROWAN P.M. and W. WILLIS J.P. only one case was listed for hearing. The rabbit inspector proceeded against Mr.Thomas MARSH, for neglecting to destroy rabbits on his property. Marsh was fined 2 pounds with 10 shillings cost.


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