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[updated 27 Feb 2003]

WEST WIMMERA MAIL - Jan 11, 1901

Edenhope Police Court
Tuesday, January 8
(Before Messrs Jas.Rowan, P.M., and J.T. Edgar and J.G. Kerr, Jís.P.)

J.W.T. Anderson, rabbit inspector, separately prosecuted Daniel Carracher, John OíConnor and John Mulraney , Under the Vermin Destruction Act for failing to take necessary means to destroy all vermin (to wit, rabbits) on their respective properties. The inspector gave the usual formal evidence of service of notices and dates of visits, and stated that he had another witness to corroborate his statements. Carracher stated that he had taken every reasonable step, having laid poison several times (as the inspector admitted), but claimed that it was impossible to destroy all the vermin, because supplies were furnished from the neighbouring land. He owned one-half of a sand patch which was a natural harbour for vermin, and as fast as he killed them they arrived form elsewhere. OíConnor indicated that he had done reasonable work, Mulraney pleaded guilty, although he said he had done a lot of work. The Bench said they had but to administer the law, and fined each in the minimum sum of 2 Pounds, with 7/6 costs.

WEST WIMMERA MAIL - Jan 15, 1901

At Goroke
Mr. W. Robinsonís homestead and haystack narrowly escaped destruction. The fire burnt right up to the stub fence surrounding the place, and just when it seemed that all must go, a heavy shower of rain came down, and put an effective extinguisher on the flames.


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