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WEST WIMMERA MAIL - Apr 11, 1902

A Wedding which created a great amount of interest, took place at Booroopki on Wednesday last, when Mr. Carl Stehn was united in the bonds of matrimony to Miss Alice Robinson, the ceremony being performed by the Rev. R.R. Collins, of Edenhope. The bride, who was given away by her father, was attired in cream flowered silk, the bodice being trimmed with cream silk pointed lace, chiffon and bebe ribbon, and the skirt with satin ribbon and true lovers’ knots. The customary wreath and veil were also worn. The bridesmaids, Miss M. Stehn and Miss Sissy Gardner, wore cream lustre, trimmed and silk chiffon and ribbon. The groomsmen were Mr. M. Robinson and Mr. H. Stehn. A reception was held at Vulcan Park, the residence of the bride’s parents, the room being decorated principally with white flowers.
In the evening the happy pair were driven to Gymbowen, en route to Warrnambool, where the honeymoon is to be spent. The bride’s travelling dress was prune cashmere, trimmed with tucks and velvet, cream front, and Eton jacket.
The following is a list of presents received:

  • Bride to bridegroom Gold scarf pin
  • Bridegroom to bride Gold brooch
  • Bridegroom to bridesmaids Gold brooches
  • Father of bride Cheque
  • Mother of bride Cheque
  • Father and mother of bridegroom Tea set
  • Sisters of bride Bedroom set and dinner set
  • Brothers of bride Cheques, silver cruet stand and lamp
  • Mr E.J. Broughton Cheque
  • Mr Sack Clock
  • Miss M. Stehn Pickle jar set in silver
  • Miss L. Stehn Lamp
  • Misses D. and A. Stehn Glass biscuit dishes
  • Mr H. Stehn Cheque
  • Mr J. Stehn Dessert knives, forks, spoons
  • Master E. Stehn Half dozen egg cups and spoons
  • Miss E. Robinson Bread knife and board
  • Master A. Robinson Flour sieve and half dozen china plates
  • Mr Percy Lancaster Photo frames
  • Miss Fanny Lancaster Teapot
  • Masters J and A. Mulraney Butter knife and butter dish
  • Misses S and D. Gardner Glass vases
  • Mrs L. Bull and Mrs L.M. Bull Glassware
  • Master V. Gardner Meat dish

WEST WIMMERA MAIL - June 13, 1902

Death of Mr. W. Bray
Genuine regret was expressed through out the Natimuk district when it was known that Mr. William Bray had died. The news of his end came as a great surprise to many who had not heard of his illness. It was only on Tuesday week that he took to his bed. Previous to this he was suffering from a severe cold, but he did not anticipate anything serious from this, and was well enough on Monday night week to attend a prayer meeting in the Methodist Church, but on the following day, as stated, he had to take to his bed. His medical attendant, Dr. Bird recognising the seriousness of the complaint, on Friday had him removed to Mrs. Duncan’s private hospital. Everything possible that was done in the way of medical skill and careful nursing failed to avert the Reaper Death as Mr. Bray gradually sank and died at two o’clock on Wednesday. Though apparently a robust man he suffered from an affection of the heart, and this added to an attack of acute pneumonia, was the cause of his death. The loss sustained by his family of ten children is irreparable. He was a practical Christian and an estimable citizen, his influence having been at all times exerted in the cause of right. The town and district therefore lose one who could ill be spared, and we join in the deep regret that is felt and expressed at his death. Mr. Bray, who was about 50 years of age, was a native of England, and arrived in South Australia when quite young. He afterwards resided in the Apsley district and came to Natimuk about 12 years ago, where he has carried on business successfully as a carrier and contractor. The funeral procession will leave his late residence at 2 o’clock today.

WEST WIMMERA MAIL - August 15, 1902

Natimuk Petty Sessions
(Before Messrs. A. Duncan (chair), and R.G. McClure, J.P.)

H. Sisson, as assignee of the book debts of the late Beard & Sisson, had some 30 cases before the Bench, being represented by Mr. J. Bennett, of Power & Bennett, solicitors, of Horsham, those dealt with being as follows:

H. Sisson v J. Mulraney, 29 Pounds 11 Shillings, goods, money due pro. Note, money paid and lent. Order with costs.

H. Sisson v J. Mulraney, 19 Pounds 18 Shillings and 8 Pence, due on pro. Note. Order with costs.

WEST WIMMERA MAIL - Friday October 10, 1902

Doris, the little daughter of Mr & Mrs CALDER, late of Noradjuha, but now at Mooroolbark, was kicked on the face by a horse, a nasty gash near the eye, requiring several stitches, being inflicted.

On Thursday last, Election day, an accident, fortunately not of a very serious nature, happened to a son of Mr John FOLEY of the Hermitage Hotel. He was riding across to the South Harrow polling booth in Clunie paddock, carrying a basket, and when near the Clunie gate, the horse shied, causing the saddle to slip around. The lad was precipitated onto the roadway and falling onto his right arm dislocated the wrist; he also received some slight bruises about the body. Dr POTTS attended to the wrist, and he is now progressing favourably.

Benjamin JONES, the labourer arrested at Hopetoun for the murder of Lou TUCK, will be tried at Stawell Supreme Court on the 14th inst. At the inquest on the body of Lou TUCK, Mr. Read MURPHY, P.M., complimented Constable JENKINS of Beulah on his keenness in discovering the hidden 100 pounds when Constable DOWNEY and Detective BURVETT had failed.

Very general regret was expressed throughout the neighbourhood at the death of Mrs A. CRABTREE of Booroopki Post Office. The deceased lady contracted influenza about eight weeks ago and being of a delicate constitution, Pneumonia, and a complication of diseases set in, from which she never seemed to rally, her death occurring on the 12th. ultimo.
Mrs CRABTREE arrived in Victoria with her parents when only twelve months old, in 1841, they landed in Portland, and after a short time took up Bogalara Station, where they resided for a number of years, after which the deceased lady came to Lemon Springs, where she lived continuously for 44 years. The funeral cortege which took place on Sunday the 14th ult, was the largest ever seen in the district, her remains being interred in the R.C. portion of the Minimay cemetery


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