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WEST WIMMERA MAIL - April 19, 1907

Goroke-Minimay Telephone
The people of Minimay are determined to see the matter of being connected with Goroke by telephone through, and to this end an important meeting is to be held in the Minimay hall on Saturday week at 8 p.m. A moonlight night has been selected, and all interested are earnestly requested to attend. In addition to the facilities which will be afforded in the conduct of business, the value of the phone in summoning a medical officer will be very great indeed.

Death of a Child :-
Mr. & Mrs. W. HAHN, of Natimuk Creek, suffered a sad bereavement on Tuesday, When their twelve months old daughter, Bertha, died somewhat suddenly from convulsions. The little one's funeral was to have taken place yesterday, but was postponed till today because of the wet weather, and will leave the parents' residents at 2 o'clock.

Minimay Football Club A meeting of this club was held in the hall on Saturday evening last. there was a good attendance of members, and the keenest interest was taken in the proceedings. The balance sheet, which showed a small credit, was adopted. The election of officers for the ensuing season then took place, as follows:-
President, Mr. E CROSS; match committee, Messrs. A. QUINLIVAN; Bert BURNS, and the Secretary; Captain, Mr. Ben BURNS; vice-captain, Mr. Bert BURNS; Secretary and Treasurer, Mr. H. COLLINS. The member's fee was fixed at 5s. The advisability of forming an association was considered at some length, and it was ultimately decided that the Secretary write the following clubs:- Apsley, Edenhope, Goroke and Frances to the affect that this club was in favour of forming an association, and asking them to join in the movement. If they are agreeable delegates to be appointed and a meeting to be convened at an early date to make all the necessary arrangements. The meeting closed with a hearty vote of thanks to the retiring President, Mr. J. T. CARRACHER.

Death has claimed one of the oldest residents of the Booroopki district, Mr. Abe CRABTREE, who passed away on Tuesday morning, aged 84. His death was not unexpected as he had been ailing for over a year. Deceased was not only a very old colonist, but also probably the oldest resident of the district.
It is over 50 years since he built the Bringalbert woolshed. For many years - until three or four years ago, he conducted the Booroopki half-way house and Post Office. Since disposing of this business to Mr. C. WONG, he has lived with his son Mr. Frank CRABTREE, at Lemon Springs, where he died, the funeral took place to the Minimay cemetery yesterday.


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