John ALLITT 1835-1918
Ann TAIT 1841-1880

Middlesex, England; Ireland; Merino, S-W Victoria & Deniliquin, NSW, Australia

John ALLITT b. 1835 Middlesex, England, son of John ALLITT and Rachel TOWNSEND was married in 1862 at ___, Victoria to Ann TAIT, b. 1841, Wick, Caithness, Scotland, daughter of George TAIT and Anne MOWATT.

It appears from the IGI that John ALLITT and Rachel TOWNSEND were married on 4 May 1924 at St James Westminster, London, England and had the following known children who were born in London or Ireland - Rachel ALLITT b. 1824, William ALLITT b. 1828 m. Elizabeth TAYLOR in London and both died at Narrawong, near Portland, Mary Ann ALLITT b. 1830, m. Charles William BLAKE and John ALLITT b. 1835 London, England.

Rachel ALLITT (nee TOWNSEND) died in Victoria in 1871 and her son John settled in Merino in the 1860s.

What happened to John ALLITT, husband of Rachel?

John ALLITT (1835-1918), Farmer, signed the Merino School Petition in 1877.

John ALLITT's wife Anne (nee TAIT) died at Merino in 1880 and John appears to have then married a Margaret SCARBOROUGH (nee MURPHY) in 1887. Margaret appears to have been the widow of Charles SCARBOROUGH who died at Merino in 1879. John and Margaret appear to have moved north to Deniliquin, NSW where some of the family was living. John appears to have died at Deniliquin in 1918 and Margaret in 1917.

John ALLITT and Ann TAIT had the following known family....

  1. Annie Mary Townsend ALLITT, b. 1864, Warrnambool, Vic, d. 1889, Nhill, Vic.
  2. John Henry ALLITT, b. 1865, Balranald, NSW, d. ___, m. Lydia Jane Matilda BOYLE
    1. Annie W B ALLITT, b. 1900, Deniliquin, NSW
    2. Rupert John St Aloy___ ALLITT, b. 1903, Nhill, Vic
    3. Raymond Thomas Irwin ALLITT, b. 1904, Great Western, Vic
    4. Lawrence William Alvin ALLITT, b. 1910, Ararat, Vic
    5. Desima Lorna ALLITT, b. 1913, Horsham, Vic
    6. Lydia Jean ALLITT, b. 1913, Horsham, Vic

  3. George ALLITT, b. 1867, Merino, Vic, d. 1943, Colac, Vic, m. Ada Sarah JONES 1874-1967
    1. George Frank ALLITT, b. 1894, Kaniva, Vic, [served in WW1 as Pte 451, 38th Battalion, AIF]
    2. Irwin Angus ALLITT, b. 1894, Kaniva, Vic
    3. John William Henry ALLITT [MM], b. 1894, Kaniva, Vic, [served in WW1 as Pte 452, 38th Battalion, AIF, awarded MM]
    4. Mervyn Ross Tait ALLITT, b. 1899, Kaniva, Vic,
    5. Greig Clarence ALLITT, b. 1901, Vaniva, Vic,
    6. Annie Twelvesept ALLITT, b. 1904, Kaniva, Vic,
    7. Lewis Sharrock James ALLITT, b. 1906. Kaniva, Vic,
    8. Hurtle Vaughan ALLITT, b. 1908, Kaniva, Vic,
    9. Colin Ralf ALLITT, b. 1911, Kaniva, Vic,
    10. Ivan Douglas ALLITT, b. 1914, Yanipy, Vic,
    11. Algina Troy W F ALLITT, b. 1917, Kaniva, Vic,

  4. William Angus ALLITT, b. 1869, Merino, Vic, m. Mary LAWSON and had the following known children...
    1. William John ALLITT,
    2. Mavis Mary ALLITT, b. , Deniliquin, NSW
    3. Roy Henry ALLITT, b. , Deniliquin, NSW
    4. Clifford ALLITT, b. , Deniliquin, NSW
    5. Lindsay David ALLITT, b. , Deniliquin, NSW
    6. Bruce Douglas ALLITT, b. , Deniliquin, NSW

  5. Henry Townsend ALLITT, b. 1874, Merino, Vic, d. ___, m. Flora McLAREN and had the following known children at Deniliquin, NSW...
    1. Agnes M ALLITT,
    2. Henry Townsend ALLITT,
    3. John Duncan ALLITT,
    4. Keith ALLITT,

  6. Rachel Jane Tait ALLITT, b. 1879, Merino, Vic, d. 1969, m. William Stewart Malseed Satchell MILLARD and had the following known children at Portland, Victoria...
    1. William Rex MILLARD,
    2. John Henry MILLARD,
    3. Cecil James MILLARD,
    4. Annie Winifred MILLARD,
    5. Norman Raymond MILLARD,

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