James BYRNES 1869-1947
Ellen "Nellie" McMcCORMACK 1870-1935

Echuca; Melbourne & Merino, S-W Victoria, Australia

James BYRNES 1869-1947, born at Echuca, Victoria, son of Thomas BYRNES and Margaret HOWARD.

Ellen "Nellie" McCORMACK 1870-1935, born at Melbourne, Victoria, daughter of Patrick McCORMACK and Honora FINN.

James BURNS and Ellen McCORMACK married in 1894 and were living at Merino area from 1910 to 1918 where james was the local Police-constable. They had 5 children from 1896-1910, with the birth of one daughter at Merino. Two of the boys are named on WW1 Merino memorial.

Ellen died in Melbourne in 1935, and James died there in 1947.

James BYRNES and Ellen "Nellie" McCORMACK had the following known family:

  1. Thomas Joseph BYRNES 1896-1934, b. Footscray, Victoria, d. Melbourne, Victoria, married Elizabeth veronica O'ROURKE 1895-1928
    • enlisted WW1, 12 Nov 1915
    • served as Spr 10590, 3rd Div Signals Corps, AIF
    • RTA 30 Apr 1919
    • Named on Merino War Memorial

  2. Roy Patrick BYRNES 1898-1949, b. Footscray, Victoria, d. Glenferrie, Melbourne, married Olive May KEEGAN 1891-1976.
    • enlisted WW1, ___, Hamilton
    • served as No 68772, (no overseas service?)
    • Named on Merino War Memorial

  3. Francis James BYRNES 1898-1957, Footscray, Victoria, d. Brunswick, Melbourne, married Galgys Evelyn MILLETT c.1904-1972
  4. Gerard Vincent BYRNES 1908-1970, b.Warrnambool, Victoria, d. Melbourne, Victoria, married Muriel Mary MATTHEWS 1909-..?..
  5. Kathleen Margaret BYRNES 1910-..?.., b. Merino, S-W Victoria, d. ....?...., married Owen Michael REGAN

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