John McDONALD 1831-1892
Mary Ann Nicholson BROWN 1837-1887

Aberdeenshire, Scotland ; Sandford & Merino (near Casterton), S-W Victoria, Australia

John McDONALD b. 1831 Aberdeenshire, Scotland, son of James McDONALD and Sarah CAMPBELL was recorded as a widower when he married in 1857 at Sandford, Victoria to Mary Ann Nicholson BROWN, b. 1837, Aberdeen, Scotland, daughter of David BROWN and Elizabeth TERRIS.

It appears that John McDONALD first married in 1855 at Portland, Victoria to Agnes DRYSDALE, dau of Simon DRYSDALE & Flora MIEKLEJOHN. Agnes's death prior to John's 2nd marriage has not been located and any chn from this marriage have not been located.

John and Mary Ann McDONALD died at Merino in 1892 and 1887 respectively and were buried in the Sandford Cemetery.

John McDONALD and Mary Ann Nicholson BROWN had the following known family....

  1. David McDONALD, b. 1859, Sandford, Vic, ............?
  2. Mary Ann McDONALD, b. ca 1860, Sandford, Vic, m. 1882, Edward LOWE, b. 1859, Adelaide, SA and they had children at Casterton and Wando Vale.
    1. John LOWE, b. 1883, Casterton, Vic, m. Minnie CARRICK
    2. Mary Ann Nicholson LOWE, b. 1887, Casterton, m. Frank Alexander McFARLANE
    3. James Joseph Wando LOWE, b. 1889, Casterton, Vic
    4. Edward William Francis LOWE, b. 1893, Wando Vale, Vic, m. Wilhelmina Victoria Gladys de KORTE
    5. Albert Edwin David LOWE, b. 1895, Wando Vale, Vic, d. 1964
    6. Ethel Isabel May LOWE, b. 1897, Casterton, Vic, m. ___ BAKER
    7. Alexandrina Maud LOWE, b. 1900, Casterton, d. 1985

  3. James McDONALD, b. 1862, Sandford, Vic, m. 1886, Ellen MILLER
    1. Rose Elizabeth Theresa McDONALD, b. 1889, Merino, Vic, m. Robert John FIELD
    2. John Thomas McDONALD, b. 1891, Merino, Vic, .......?
    3. James William McDONALD [DCM], b. 1894, Merino, Vic, m. Gladys Meletia "May" WOODS

  4. Elizabeth Theresa McDONALD, b. 1864, Sandford, Vic, m. 1886, Daniel David GARDINER and they had children at Ballarat and Geelong.
    1. Elizabeth Terris GARDINER, b. 1887, Merino, Vic, m. ___ COOK
    2. Mary Ann GARDINER, b. 1889, Ballarat, Vic, m. Arthur Edwin BUCK
    3. John Daniel David GARDINER, b. 1891, d. 1891, Ballarat, Vic
    4. Ethel Ruby GARDINER, b. 1892, Ballarat, Vic, m. ___ WELLS
    5. Charlotte May GARDINER, b. 1898, Geelong, Vic
    6. William Daniel Nathaniel GARDINER, b. 1900, d. 1900, Geelong, Vic
    7. Dorothy Jean GARDINER, b. 1904, Geelong, Vic

  5. Sarah Jane McDONALD, b. 1867, Casterton, Vic, d. 1883, Sandford, Vic
  6. John McDONALD, b. 1870, Sandford, Vic, m. 1891, Edith Elizabeth PILLINER and they had children at Melbourne and Ballarat...
    1. Horace David McDONALD, b. 1892, Footscray, Vic,
    2. Edith Flora McDONALD, b. 1894, Melbourne West, Vic,
    3. Alfred James McDONALD, b. 1896, Ballarat, Vic,
    4. Elsie Margaret McDONALD, b. 1899, Ballarat, Vic, m. ___ NORTON
    5. John McDONALD, b. 1906, Ballarat, Vic,

  7. Sophia McDONALD, b. 1872, Casterton, Vic, .............?
  8. William Alexander McDONALD, b. 1875, Casterton, Vic, m. Mary Josephine FLYNN and they had children who attended the Muntham School between Carapook and Sandford.
    1. Annie McDONALD, b. 1904, Coleraine, Vic,
    2. Patrick William McDONALD, b. 1905, Casterton, Vic,
    3. Joseph John McDONALD, b. 1907, Casterton, Vic,
    4. James Leslie McDONALD, b. 1909, Coleraine, Vic,
    5. Mary Magdalane McDONALD, b. 1912, Coleraine, Vic, d. 1915, Casterton, Vic
    6. Edward McDONALD, b. 1914, d. 1914, Hamilton, Vic.

  9. Daniel Mark McDONALD, b. 1879, Sandford, Vic, m. Mary THOM and they had children at Casterton...
    1. Mary Ann Jane McDONALD, b. 1910, Casterton, Vic,
    2. Sophia Rose McDONALD, b. 1913, Casterton, Vic,
    3. Isabella Heather McDONALD, b. 1915, Casterton, Vic, m. Frank TUFFNELL [d. 1944, New Guinea WW2]
    4. Dorothy Elizabeth McDONALD, b. 1917, Casterton, Vic,
    5. Daniel Mark McDONALD, b. 1918, d. 1931, Casterton, Vic.

  10. Bella Jean McDONALD, b. 1883, d. 1883, Sandford, Vic,

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