Edward MILLS 1862-1937
Maria Mary SPURRELL 1869-1938

Bendigo ; Casterton ; Edenhope ; Merino ; etc., Victoria, Australia

Edward MILLS 1862-1937, b. White Hills, near Bendigo, Victoria to Edward MILLS and Jane STONE; Police-constable at Casterton 1886-1887, Edenhope 1888-1899 and Merino 1899-1908; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1887 to Maria Mary SPURRELL 1869-1938, b. Casterton, Victoria to William John SPURRELL and Maria HOOK; 7 children at Edenhope and Merino; d. Melbourne, Victoria.

Edward and Maria MILLS both died at Richmond (Melbourne), Victoria and were buried in the Melbourne General Cemetery in 1927 and 1938 respectively.

"The Horsham Times" (Vic.) Tuesday, 7th February 1899.
HAMILTON.--Police-constable Mills, formerly of Edenhope, now of Merino, was entertained at Edenhope on Tuesday evening and presented with a handsome signet ring and gold locket.

"The Hamilton Spectator" (Vic.) Monday, 8th June 1908.
Police Promotion.--The many friends of Constable E. Mills, of Merino, will he pleased to learn that he has been promoted to the rank of senior-constable. Before going to Merino Mr. Mills had been stationed at Edenhope for a number of years, and both there and at Merino he won the esteem of the residents by his conscientious attention to his duties, and also by the great interest he took in all matters calculated to advance the interests of the district in which he was stationed. Senior-Constable Mills is to be transferred to Geelong.

"The Hamilton Spectator" (Vic.) Friday, 19th June 1908.
On Monday evening a large number of the Merino town and district entertained Constable Mills at Bryce's hotel. Mr. Ross was in the chair, and, after the toast of the King, he proposed the health of the guest. He said he had known him for about twenty years, and had always found him willing to assist the town he lived in, and in that respect Merino would find it hard to fill his place. He had also done his duty in a manner which hurt the least. They were all sorry to lose him, after being nearly ten years among them. He hoped he and his family would like their new home. He also wished him to accept as a small present from his friends a travelling rug, which he hoped he would live long to use. The toast was received with musical honours.
Messrs. Bryce, Brebner, Clarke, Brock, Grant, Clanchy, M'Ewen, and others also spoke to the toast.
During the evening the following gentlemen contributed to the harmony of the evening :--Songs, Messrs. M'Ewan, Brock, Clanchy, Shanklin ; recitations, Messrs. Madden, Shanklin, and Clanchy.
On Monday evening the ladies of Merino entertained Mrs. Mills, and presented her with a silver teapot and candlestick, and on Tuesday evening the girls' friendly society entertained her in the St. Peter's hall, and presented her with a silver cruet.

Edward MILLS and Maria Mary SPURRELL had the following family....

  1. Reginald Henry MILLS 1888-1962, b. Edenhope, S-W Victoria; at Merino 1899-1908; d. Adelaide, South Australia; m.1 1914 to Clara May ROSE 1891-1919, b. Cobden, Victoria, d. Mildura, Victoria [2 children]; m.2 to Viola May WILLIS 1894-1981, b. Wallaroo, South Australia to Peter WILLIS and Isabel HAWKER; d. Adelaide, South Australia.
  2. Mabel MILLS 1889-1950, b. Edenhope, S-W Victoria; at Merino 1899-1908; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1924 to Thomas George POW 1883-1952, b. ___, Victoria, d. Melbourne, Victoria.
  3. Gladys Mary MILLS 1894-1915, b. Edenhope, S-W Victoria; at Merino 1899-1908; d. Geelong West, Victoria.
  4. Alfred Clifton Francis MILLS 1896-1951, b. Edenhope, S-W Victoria; at Merino 1899-1908; d. Melbourne, Victoria; WW1 served as Spr 14778, 4th Divisional Signal Company, AIF 1916-1917; WW2 served as Lt, Australian Army 1940-1944.
  5. Eric John MILLS 1902-..?.., b. Merino, S-W Victoria; at Merino 1902-1908; ...?... .
  6. Rowland William MILLS 1904-1975, b. Merino, S-W Victoria; at Merino 1904-1908; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1935 to Eileen May 1906-1979, b. Gippsland, Victoria, d. Melbourne, Victoria.
  7. Leslie MILLS 1910-1935, b. Beechworth, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria.

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