George NORTHCOTT 1826-1894 and Jane WILLIAMS 1826-1891

Lamerton, Devonshire, England & Merino, S-W Victoria, Australia

George NORTHCOTT b. 1826 Lamerton, Devonshire, England, son of James NORTHCOTT and Prothesia HUGGINS was married in 1852, Devonshire, England to Jane WILLIAMS, b. 1826, Devonshire, England, daughter of George WILLIAMS and Agnes KINSMAN.

George NORTHCOTT (27y), wife Jane (27y) and infant son Henry emigrated from England as assisted migrants and arrived at Portland, S-W, Victoria, Australia in October 1854 on the ship "Panama".

George remained in Portland as a builder for two years before moving north to the village of Merino, puchased a block of land on which he built the "Commercial Hotel" which an agency and coaching stables for Cobb and Co.

George's wife Jane NORTHCOTT died at the "Commercial Hotel" Merino in August 1891 and George died 3 years later in July 1894. Their eldest son Harry of the "Commercial Hotel" died 3 months after hsi father in November 1894. All are buried in the Merino Cemetery.

George's older brother, Richard NORTHCOTT (47y), wife Jane (45y) and children William P (17), Mary A (13), Tom (12), Richard (9), Selina (8), Lucy (6), John (4) and Charles (2) emigrated from England in 1868 and arrived in Victoria, Australia in November 1868 on the ship "Conflict". They settled in the Ballarat & Creswick area in the Victorian goldfields.

George NORTHCOTT and Jane WILLIAMS had the following family....

  1. Henry "Harry" NORTHCOTT, b. 1853, Plymouth, Devonshire, England, d. 1894, Merino, Vic m. 1879, Alice LEAKE 1852-1910 and had the following family at Merino...
    1. George Leake NORTHCOTT, b. 1878, Merino, Vic, d. 1927, m. Winifred WHITE 1874-1956
    2. Edith Alice NORTHCOTT, b. 1880, Merino, Vic, d. 1909, m. John "Jack" McINTYRE 1881-1926
    3. Mary Inez NORTHCOTT, b. 1884, Merino, Vic, d. 1964, m. Leslie Arthur ENSCOE 1884-1928
    4. Henry John Leake NORTHCOTT, b. 1892, Merino, Vic, d. 1968, m. Kate Ethelwyn SHANKLIN 1892-1970
      • enlisted WW1, 12 Jul 1915, Merino, Vic,
      • served as Cpl 2424, 23rd Battalion & 5th Division Ammunition Column, AIF
      • awarded MID (Mentioned in Dispatches)
      • RTA 21 Feb 1919
      • Named on Casterton Town Hall Honour Roll
      • Named on Merino War Memorial

  2. Emily NORTHCOTT, b. 1857, Merino, Vic, d. 1923, m. 1880, Thomas Henry REVELL 1856-1908 and had the following known family...
    1. Thomas Henry George REVELL, b. 1880, Tower Hill, Vic, Aus
    2. Agnes Ada REVELL, b. 1882, Tower Hill, Vic, Aus
    3. Jane Deborah REVELL, b. 1885, Coleraine, Vic, Aus
    4. Herbert Dupre REVELL, b. 1887, Coleraine, Vic, Aus
    5. Emily Edith REVELL, b. 1890, Brunswick, Vic, d. 1968, m. Samuel George HADDON 1889-1925
    6. John Clement REVELL, b. 1892, Brunswick, Vic, Aus

  3. George NORTHCOTT, b. 1860, Merino, Vic, .........? (at Coolgardie, Western Australia in 1894)
  4. Jane NORTHCOTT, b. 1863, d. 1864, Merino, Vic.
  5. Jane NORTHCOTT, b. 1865, d. 1878, Merino, Vic.

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