Robert VAGG 1822-1892 b. Chilcompton, Somersetshire, England
Martha Smith GAIT 1826-1865 b. Chilcompton, Somersetshire, England
Annie Elizabeth TURNER 1846-1930 b. Portland, Port Phillip District, Colony of New South Wales

of Gisborne, Vic., Dwyer's Creek, Merino, S-W Victoria, & New South Wales, Australia.

Robert VAGG b. 1822, Chilcompton, Somersetshire, England, son of James VAGG & Ann PENNY, married Martha Smith GAIT in 1857 at Chilcompton, Somersetshire, England and arrived with his wife at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in July 1857 on the "Essex" from England.

Martha Smith GAIT b. 1826, Chilcompton, Somersetshire, England, daughter of Henry GAIT & Ann BRICE.

Robert & Martha VAGG were at Gisborne, Victoria where sons James (1858) and John (1860) and a daughter Ann (1861) were born. Later in 1861 the family was at Dwyer's Creek, parish of Mocamboro, between Merino and Sandford, S-W Victoria, where Robert obtained a license to occupy 136 acres, originally a part of the "Merino Downs" pastoral run.

In 1863 another daughter Ann was born at Dwyer's Creek and then a son Robert was also born at Dwyer's Creek in July 1865. Robert's mother, Martha Smith VAGG (nee GAIT) died at their farm a few bours after the birth of Robert. This left their father Robert VAGG with 5 children aged 8y and under.

Robert VAGG was involved in the establishment of the "Merino and Sandford Agricultural Society" in 1866, won the prize for the best 20 bushels of wheat at the 1877 show, continued farming at Dwyer's Creek until he put his farm on the market in September 1873 with the intention of moving north the new country.

In 1874 Robert VAGG, widower married Annie Elizabeth TURNER (born, Portland, S-W Victoria in 1846) at Tahara, near Merino and then moved north to Deneiliquin on the Edwards River in New South Wales. Robert VAGG died at Hillston, NSW in 1892 and his second wife Annie Elizabeth died at Deniliquin, NSW in 1930.

Robert VAGG & Martha Smith GAIT had the following family...

  1. James Henry VAGG b. 1858, Gisborne, Victoria, d. 1922, Hay, NSW, m. in 1885 at Hillston, NSW to Elizabeth Alice SOUTHWELL 1864-1939.

  2. John Gait VAGG b. 1860, Gisborne, Victoria, d. 1926, Hillston, NSW, m. in 1885 at Hay, NSW to Sarah Jane WALKER 1860-1945.

  3. Ann Miranda VAGG b. 1861, Gisborne, Victoria, d. 1950, Deniliquin, NSW, m. in 1891 at Hillston, NSW to Robert James WALKER 1862-1935.

  4. Martha Lucetta VAGG b. 1863, Dwyer's Creek, Merino-Sandford, S-W Victoria, d. 1938, Melbourne, Victoria, m. 1900 at Deniliquin, NSW to William STEPHENS ........?

  5. Robert Smith VAGG b. 1865, Dwyer's Creek, Merino-Sandford, S-W Victoria, d. 1932, Sydney, NSW, m. 1896 at Hillston, NSW to Mary Ann Christina Ann CHERITON 1865-1932, b. Sandford, S-W Victoria.

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